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Hey DIY er! We at Polyestershoppen are happy to give you tips about jobs with epoxy, polyester or PU foam. To help you on your way, you will find an overview below of all articles about DIY with epoxy. Do you have questions or would you like to receive more information? Or do you have specific questions about your DIY project? Feel free to contact one of our specialists!

Are you doing odd jobs, do you want to repair something or do you just want to get some inspiration? You can also work in and around the house with many of our products such as epoxy, polyester or PU foam. In this article we collect all our articles or jobs or repairs that you can do yourself. Real DIY projects!

DIY and repairs with epoxy

Your first time working with epoxy

Before you start working with epoxy, it is good to read our article about getting started with epoxy. This contains everything about the different epoxy types, but also about common errors. This way you are well prepared to get started.

   Epoxy tips for beginners!

Repairing wood rot with epoxy

Everyone knows it, at some point wood will rot. When it concerns small parts in the wood, it can be easily repaired with epoxy. Did you know that painters also repair wood rot with epoxy and that we offer a special epoxy wood rot repair package.

   Repairing rotten wooden window frames with epoxy!

Coating objects

Epoxy is very universal and is used, among other things, in art, on floors, for horse trailers or boats. With epoxy and glass fabric you ensure that the material is protected against damage, that it becomes firmer and that it can withstand water and dirt. After applying, you can finish the object with putty and a varnish.

   This is how you coat an object with epoxy.

Upholstering a surfboard

Do you like surfing and do you want to make your own surfboard? We made a surfboard from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and covered it with carbon fabric. We did this with the vacuum wetbagging technique.

   How to cover a surfboard with carbon fabric and epoxy.

Finishing countertops with epoxy

Do you have a concrete counter top? By applying a final layer of epoxy, you protect the final layer. The counter top is then resistant to water and most acids, soaps and dyes. It is also possible to do this on sinks or, for example, garden statues. You can also finish concrete countertops and sinks with epoxy.

 Applying epoxy coating to a woorden table top!

Making an aquarium back wall with epoxy

Want to make your own back wall for your aquarium or terrarium? You can do this with epoxy. The end result will fit exactly and will meet your needs. You can make your own aquarium back wall in a few days, without needing many products.

   DIY I How to make an aquarium and terrarium backwall with epoxy.

Polishing epoxy

If you've made a work of art, a table, or anything else with epoxy, it can get scratched over time. No problem! Fortunately, epoxy is easy to polish. With a good polishing paste, a lot of patience and a step by step plan you can repair it to make it look as good as new.

   Manual for polishing epoxy with a drill.

DIY/repair with polyester

First time working with polyester

Polyester is a completely different kind of material than epoxy. When you start working with this, it is wise to first read the general information about the product. In the article below you can read all about the properties of polyester.

   Polyester tips for beginners.

Carrying out repairs with polyester

Many daily life products are made of polyester. Think of boats, caravans, campers, car bumpers, gutters and shower trays. You can easily repair these yourself with polyester laminating resin and glass mat. You can also repair cracks, deep scratches or broken parts using polyester.

   Manual for polyester repairs.

Repairing a polyester camper roof

If the roof of your motorhome is torn or has small cracks in the material, leakage may occur. Opt for the long-term solution and repair the camper roof using fibreglass and polyester. This way you can enjoy your motorhome for a long time to come.

   This is how you repair a polyester camper roof.

Making your own pond

Did you know that you can easily make your own pond with polyester, fibreglass and topcoat? With polyester you can make a pond in any shape you like. It is very easy to shape and the material is strong. If something breaks, it is also easy to repair. And perhaps the most important advantage: it is often cost-effective!

With our pond package you have all the necessary materials to get cracking!

   DIY I Making your own polyester pond.

Coating objects with polyester resin

Coating objects with polyester has many advantages. The object is stronger, has good resistance to water and is easy to colourize. It is applied to, among other things, wooden objects, works of art, parts for cars, carnival floats and ponds. 

   How to cover an object with polyester.

Making moulds with polyester

If you plan to make a series of polyester products such as bumpers, it is wise to make a mould. Sustainable materials that last a long time are important for this. By making a polyester mould, you can work quickly and efficiently.

   DIY I Making polyester moulds.

Gelcoat repair with colour 

With a gelcoat repair it is important to finish the repair in the same colour as the object had before. In this way, repaired items look like new.

   How do you colour gelcoat?

DIY/repair with PU foam

 All about working with Froth-Pak Pu foam | Tips & Tricks

Read all about Froth-Pak's sprayable PU foam in this article. The polyurethane foam hardens quickly and has an excellent price-quality ratio. With Froth-Pak you insulate easily, quickly and with top quality products!

 Working with Froth-Pak PU foam I Tips & Tricks

Insulating the roof with PU foam

Making your home more energy-friendly and saving on your energy bill is all the rage. In many old houses, the roof is not well insulated. You can solve this yourself safely and quickly with sprayable  PU foam.

   DIY I Insulating the roof with Froth-Pak sprayable PU foam.

Insulating a bus or camper

Are you going to convert a bus or camper yourself into a refrigerated truck or into a living space/tiny house? With sprayable PU foam you can transform your bus or camper into a well-insulated vehicle.

   DIY I Insulating a bus with sprayable PU foam.

Other jobs

Manual repair kits

Damage to the plumbing, marble or artificial marble in your home? With a repair kit you can carry out a repair quickly and easily. This saves a lot of costs and often the object looks like new again.

   Repairing sanitary, marble or artificial marble.

Bakelite repair

Bakelite can damage, crack or break with age. It is a material that is often used in cars, tractors or household appliances. With a dremel, epoxy and DD paint you can repair bakelite yourself.

   Bakelite restoration. Tears, cracks and missing pieces.

Finishing metal and plastic Finish

Metal and plastic are finished with DD paint. This paint, which is widely used in water sports, is of high quality. In addition, the polyester lacquer is scratch-resistant, has a long gloss retention and is highly resistant to UV light.

   Finishing metal and plastic with DD paint.

Making a cosplay shield

Have you ever seen a cosplay shield? Or Captain America's shield? With a good frame, glass fabric and epoxy you can make a fantastic cosplay shield yourself.

   DIY I Making a cosplay shield.

Waterproofing a wooden hot tub

Hot tubs are extremely popular and are often made of wood. This is not a problem until the water is changed, the wood shrinks and leaks occur. With vinyl ester resin or epoxy resin you can prevent this from happening. For the handy do-it-yourselfer, this is a fun project that you will enjoy for a long time.

   How to waterproof a woorden hot tub.

Venting casting resins

When you mix casting resins such as silicone, epoxy or polyester, a lot of air can enter. This can be solved by venting it with a vacuum pump, vacuum dome or vacuum vessel. This is how you make the most beautiful projects without air bubbles!

   Tips for venting casting resins.

Coating EPS, XPS or styrofoam with polyester or epoxy

EPS and XPS are also known as styrofoam or insulation board. This material is naturally quite soft and can therefore be damaged quickly. You can reinforce it with fibreglass in combination with polyester or epoxy resin.

   Coating EPS and XPS styrofoam with polyester or epoxy.

Making carbon objects

It is not difficult to make carbon parts for your car or scooter yourself. You can do this with carbon fabric and polyester or epoxy. If you're into DIY, this is an easy three-step job!

   DIY I Coating objects wth carbon (carbon fabric).

Working with reinforcement materials

Reinforcement fibres are often used in combination with polyester and epoxy. We have various types of this in our range and these can be used for different applications.

   All about reinforcement materials (glass, carbon and aramid fabrics).

Refurbishing a bathroom with epoxy

Did you know that you can refurbish an entire bathroom with products from our range? For example, you can lay a new cast floor with epoxy or PU. A cast floor is suitable for any surface such as tiles, underlayment or ordinary concrete. The walls of your bathroom can be completely covered with fibreglass and finished with polyester. There is also another option - epoxy wall coating. With this product you need less material and it is wiser to use if you already live in the house.

   How do you make your bathroom sleek with epoxy?


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