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Do you want to sand your polyester boat? Then is the place to be. Besides the fact that in our shop you will find everything to maintain your polyester boat, we also have many informative articles that will help you with your project. In this article you can read how to sand your polyester boat. Do you still have questions after reading this? Please contact our specialists, they will help you immediately.

Sanding a polyester boat?

If you have a polyester boat, it is important to maintain it regularly. An important part of this is sanding the boat. By removing the old varnish or paint and preparing the surface for a new coat of varnish or paint, your boat will look like new again. You can use an electric sander for this or you can manually sand with sandpaper. It is important, to avoid scratching, to use a fine grit and to work carefully to minimize the chance of unevenness. Keep in mind that hand sanding requires more effort and time than machine sanding. After sanding, it is essential to thoroughly clean and degrease the boat so you can apply the new lacquer or coat of paint.


In order to sand your polyester boat, you obviously want to know what you need. There are two questions we ask beforehand, namely:

  • What sander do you need and how do you sand the surface the right way? You can read about that below.
  • Do you have old antifouling on the hull of your boat? Then remove it first with a vacuum scraper.

Sanding large surfaces

Want to sand a large area of your polyester boat? Then preferably use a powerful sander with a large sanding surface. This ensures that the job goes quickly and easily. Our recommendation for large sanding surfaces is the Mirka DEROS sander (150 mm). This random orbital sander is top quality. This powerful machine is lightweight and very easy to use. With a diameter of 150 mm, you can easily sand large surfaces.

With the MyMirka app, you keep optimal control of the machine. Through the app, you can see how long you have been sanding and keep control of the vibration level. If desired, the app also indicates when the maximum recommended amount of vibration for that day has been exceeded. This prevents conditions such as "white finger syndrome."

Sanding tricky corners and small areas

For sanding corners and small areas, use a delta sander (iron model). The pointed front makes it easy to sand in hard-to-reach corners. The Mirka DEOS 663CV is a top quality delta sander. The carbon brush-free sander efficiently extracts dust and is lightweight. Moreover, this sander is comfortable to use due to its ergonomic grip and adjustable speed.


After sanding the polyester boat, it is important to thoroughly clean and degrease the boat before the new lacquer or coat of paint can be applied. This helps to achieve good adhesion of the new paint and reduces the chance of bubbles or other imperfections in the new coat of paint.

More information about sanding?

Do you have questions about sanding and about the right sander for your polyester boat? Then contact our specialists. We will be happy to advise you on the right products to make your job a success!

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