4Dry Cars moisture absorber for boats

  • Reusable moisture absorber
  • Prevent mould and odours
  • Weight: 1 kg

Does your boat, car or caravan suffer from mould, musty smells or steamed-up windows? Not anymore thanks to the reusable 4Dry dehumidifier! The boat dehumidifier is of high quality and has a high absorption capacity of up to 800 ml. In addition, this dehumidifier is regenerable in the microwave/oven.

Prevent fogged up windows, condensation, moisture or mould with the 4DRY dehumidifier!

Benefits 4Dry moisture absorber for boats

  • Prevents mould, musty smells and foggy windows.
  • High absorption capacity.
  • Regenerates in microwave/oven.
  • Natural product.
  • Ideal for smaller boats and oldtimers in winter storage.

When is the maximum absorption capacity reached?

The maximum absorption capacity of the 4Dry boat dehumidifier is 800 ml. To find out the saturation of the pellets you can weigh the product. This way you can determine the amount of moisture the pellets have absorbed at that moment. The standard weight of 4DRY Cars is 1 kg. If the product weighs 1.8 kg, you know that 800 ml of moisture has been absorbed and that the product is saturated.


Weight: 1 kg
Regeneration: after 30 minutes at 80°C in the oven
Absorption capacity: max. 800 ml
Applications: boats, cars, caravans, oldtimers, basements, etc.

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