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Lacquers and paints

With our wide range of lacquers and paints, you can finish your projects professionally. Give your boat a new layer of paint and add a great finish to your epoxy or polyester in the colour of your choice. Polyestershoppen is official suppier of De IJssel Double Coat lacquer. Buy your lacquer and paint quickly and easily with us! In addition to De IJssel products, we also have paints from Coltech, International, Motip and Osmo. Do you have questions about our product range or do you want advice on your project? Feel free to contact our specialists!


Lacquers and paints

With our extensive range of lacquers and paints you can finish your projects in a professional way. You can give your boat a new coat of lacquer and finish your epoxy or polyester in style. Polyestershoppen is an official supplier of De IJssel Double Coat lacquers. With our own mixing machines, we supply De IJssel products in all RAL colours from stock at lightning speed. Buying paint and lacquer is quick and easy with us!

In addition to De IJssel products, we supply products from high-quality brands such as Coltech, International, Motip and Osmo. Do you have any questions about our product range or would you like advice on which paint or lacquer to buy for your project? Feel free to contact our specialists!

Buy lacquers and paints

In our range, you will find different kinds of brands of paints and lacquers. When talking about high-quality polyurethane lacquers, De IJssel's products should definitely not be missed! Polyestershoppen supplies a very extensive product range of Double Coat lacquers from de IJssel. Double Coat paints are mostly available in all RAL colours and are supplied from stock. To make choosing RAL colours easier, we also have a RAL colour fan in our assortment. So buying paint and lacquer is quick and easy!

DD Lacquer

DD Lacquer a high-quality polyurethane lacquer. The 2-component varnish is scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and has long-lasting gloss and colour retention. DD Lacquer can be used for various purposes. In most cases, polyester lacquer is used for boats, but it is also suitable for embellishing and protecting epoxy, metal, wood and more.

DD lacquer is available in standard colours, RAL colours and as transparent lacquer. In addition to colour, you can choose from 3 gloss levels: high glosssilk gloss and matt gloss

Double Coat Double UV

For protection against weather influences such as UV light and rain, use Double Coat Double UV. This clear topcoat is highly recommended if you have worked with a resin that is not UV resistant. In addition, this clear coat is also suitable for various types of wood.

Double Coat Carat

Double Coat Carat is a polyurethane topcoat. This 2-component varnish was specially developed for levelling or touching up discoloured types of wood (teak, mahogany and oak). Double Coat Carat has a high filling capacity which makes the lacquer ideal for smoothing out small irregularities.

Double Coat Cabin Varnish

Double Coat Cabin Varnish is a silk gloss varnish suitable for pre-treated boat interiors. The 2-component varnish is water-based. As a result, the varnish can also be applied safely in small spaces. Cabin Varnish is water-resistant and highly impact and wear-resistant.

De IJssel Primers 

Besides buying paint and varnish from, you can also come to us for primers and primer varnishes from De IJssel. These paints are also of high quality and are easy to process. 

IJmopox HB Coating

IJmopox HB Coating is a low-solvent protective epoxy coating. This primer is used for protection against osmosis and corrosion on various metals and polyester, among other things. IJmopox Coating is resistant to many chemicals and salt water and is often used as a primer before further finishing with DD lacquer.

IJmopox ZF primer

IJmopox ZF primer is a 2-component primer that provides excellent adhesion to various metals. The epoxy primer has excellent anti-corrosion properties and is easy to repaint with DD lacquer.

Tweecolux primer

Tweecolux is a 2-component polyurethane primer for wood with high filling capacity. The primer is scratch- and abrasion-resistant and dries quickly. After application, you can therefore quickly overpaint it with Double Coat lacquers.

Degreasers and thinners for DD lacquer

To improve the application properties of Double Coat paints, we also sell degreasers and thinners for Double Coat paints. The use of thinners is not necessary, but recommended. Before working with Double Coat, we recommend always sanding and degreasing the surface with Double Coat degreaser. Remove loose dust particles with a tack cloth.

Double Coat degreaer

Double Coat degreaser is a powerful degreaser that effortlessly removes grease, dirt and silicone. The degreaser thoroughly cleans the surface and ensures optimal adhesion between the paint and the substrate. We strongly recommend using Double Coat degreaser before applying a Double Coat varnish.

Double Coat brush thinner

If you are going to apply a Double Coat lacquer with a brush or roller, you can thin the lacquer with this special brush thinner for Double Coat lacquers. By thinning the lacquer with approximately 5-10% thinner, you improve the flow and application properties. Double Coat brush thinner is also available as slow brush thinner.

Double Coat spray thinner

Double Coat spray thinner is specially developed for spray applications of Double Coat lacquers. With the spray thinner, you improve the flow and application properties of the lacquer. Also available as slow spray thinner.

Other lacquers

Would you like to buy a lacquer from a high-quality brand other than De IJssel? Besides lacquers from De IJssel, our range also includes the following lacquers from high-quality brands.

Coltech TransElast Wood Coating

Coltech TransElast is a transparent PU coating. The polyurethane coating is very flexible and can be applied in large layer thicknesses. The coating can be used on boat decks, stair treads, hand railings, steering columns, masts, booms, gaffs etc. 

Motip Clear Varnish

Motip Clear Varnish is a fast-drying spray paint suitable for finishing epoxy and polyester. Motip lacquer is heat-resistant up to 110 degrees and has a durable high or matt gloss.

Motip Metallic lacquer

Motip Metallic lacquer is a fast-drying acrylic lacquer with excellent adhesion for treating treated and untreated surfaces of metal, stone, wood, glass and various types of plastic. Available in gold and silver.

Colormatic clear spray coat

Colormatic clear spray coat (Hi-Speed) adds a high-gloss look and is scratch-resistant. The 2-component clear coat has a high resistance to, for example, petrol and is highly resistant to UV radiation and extreme weather influences.

Advice on which paint or varnish to buy?

Do you have questions about which paint and varnish to buy for your boat? We are happy to help. Contact us at +31850220090 or send an email to Fast delivery from stock!







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