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Wind energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources. Wind turbines, which are at the heart of this sector, are technological marvels that can withstand extreme condi… More information
In a world of energy efficiency and sustainability, minimizing heat loss is a hot topic. Whether you are a homeowner looking to reduce your energy bills, a contractor looking for s… More information
Epoxy has proven to be a game changer in ship and yacht construction. This is due to the unique properties of this resin for the maritime industry. At Polyestershoppen we understan… More information
To ensure safety when using chemicals and to protect human health and the environment, the European Union has introduced new legislation for products containing diisocyanates. Thes… More information
Epoxy putty (filler) is a versatile and durable material that is often used to fill cracks, holes and other irregularities in various surfaces. Did you know that you can also make… More information
Vacuum injection is a manufacturing process that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of composite materials. It is a technique that provides better quality and stronger p… More information
Stabicure is a revolutionary method in the field of wood stabilisation. It is a process in which wood is impregnated with a special resin, also known as "cactus juice". This e… More information
Want to make your own silicone moulds for your Resin Art projects? Then you've come to the right place! In this article, we explain step by step how to make your own moulds with RE… More information
To color epoxy, you can use epoxy pigment. These pigments are available in countless colors, sizes and variants. But which epoxy pigments are there? It can be quite difficult to fi… More information
Amine blush is a common problem when working with epoxy resin, but what exactly is it and how can you prevent it? In this article, we explain all about amine blush so you can get s… More information
The differences between epoxy and polyester are important to know if you are considering working with these materials. In this article, we will discuss the main properties and appl… More information
Do you want to combat underwater growth in an environmentally friendly way? Then the brand new International B-Free system is the perfect fouling release system for you! In this ar… More information
When you work with epoxy, it can get quite a mess. Spilled epoxy, pigments and full mixing cups mean you have a dirty workplace in no time. In this article we give you 5 tips for a… More information
For a good casting quality, it is important that the epoxy is prepared correctly. In this article we explain which steps are necessary for preparing and mixing epoxy according to t… More information
Does your epoxy stay soft or sticky? Do you have a greasy coating on your artwork or do you suffer from air bubbles? In this article, we give the solution to some common problems t… More information
Condensation on the boat hull can lead to mold. But how can you avoid condensation on the metal? This can be done by spraying a fine layer of PUR foam against the metal. This ens… More information
You probably know the feeling of finding out that you have forgotten to include a product after you have confirmed your online order. Ordering again often results in additional shi… More information
Impermax B1K and Impermax LY are both 1-component liquid waterproofing compositions that can be used for many applications such as waterproofing roof penetrations or entire ro… More information
Do you have a leak or damage to your roof? That is of course annoying, but fortunately you can repair the roof yourself quickly and easily with Tec7 WP7 Universal Roof Sealing. Thi… More information
Polyestershoppen is going to KreaDoe 2023! KreaDoe is the largest DIY event in the Benelux. This is the event for everyone who loves DIY and handmade. Polyesterhoppen and hundreds… More information
Who doesn't want to save money? In this article we will explain how to use a Polyestershoppen discount code and how to shop with us for discount! Sign up for the newsletter Would… More information
Do you want to install an epoxy cast floor yourself? With the help of this manual, we will explain to you in detail how to apply an epoxy cast floor yourself! One of the advantages… More information
Hempel Silic One is the revolution in antifouling coatings. This biocide-free product has properties similar to those of an antifouling. However, Silic One is a silicone… More information
What is Acrystal? How do you process Acrystal and what are the advantages of Acrystal over epoxy? In this article we explain all about the use of Acrystal and its different applica… More information
What is the best primer and what primer is right for my boat? There are lots of different primers and we understand that choosing the right one can be quite tricky. In this article… More information
We have a wide range of different types of silicone casting rubbers in different Shores. The Shore hardness of silicone rubber has a direct impact on its properties such as flexibi… More information
Air bubbles, a common problem you run into while pouring epoxy. There are several ways to remove air bubbles and you can read about them in this article. If you have any questions… More information
In this article you can read everything about PU foam from Froth-Pak. We explain to you what the benefits of Froth-Pak are and what you need to process it. We have also created an… More information
What is Dual Action polishing and what products do I need for this? In this article you can read all about Dual Action polishing and the required materials. We also give you a step… More information
Are you looking for the right products to bond different materials? We have a wide range of professional adhesives for bonding metal, iron, aluminum, wood, plastic and much more! C… More information
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