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Silicone rubber

Are you getting started making silicone moulds? On this page, you will find a wide range of silicone casting rubbers. RESION silicone casting resins come in various degrees of flexibility (shores). Processing is very easy. We have the right high-quality casting rubber for every silicone application! 

Silicone rubber

Buying silicone rubber 

Polyestershoppen has an extensive range of high-quality silicone casting rubbers. You will find silicone rubber in various shores (degree of flexibility), which you can process very easily. You will also find alginate rubberporcelain plasterrelease agentsilicone pigment and all necessary materials to make your silicone project into a success!

What is silicone casting rubber?

Silicone casting rubber is a versatile liquid silicone often used for making flexible moulds for copying objects. Silicone rubber is ideally suited in combination with epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, plaster, concrete and similar materials. Its self-dissolving properties and flexibility make the material very suitable when you want to copy fine details. In fact, all small details are copied exactly. Polyestershoppen supplies RESION casting rubber. This is a user-friendly product that allows you to make high-quality moulds. Moreover, you can easily remove the end result from the mould with this silicone casting rubber.

Making silicone moulds

With RESION Silicone moulding rubber, you can easily make your own silicone moulds. Silicone rubber is available in different degrees of flexibility (shore) and is also available in two varieties: Silicone moulding rubber (1:1) and Silicone moulding rubber (1:10). Silicone casting rubber 1:1 has a simple mixing ratio of 1 to 1. This means that you simply have to add 1 part base (A) and 1 part hardener (B) together to cure the silicone.

Silicone casting rubber 1:10 has a trickier mixing ratio. For optimum processing of this variant, add 10% hardener (B) to the base (A). Silicone casting rubber is available in shore 8, shore 15, shore 25 and shore 40. The higher the shore, the less flexible the mould is after curing.

  • Silicone casting rubber shore 8
    Want to make silicone moulds that are soft and flexible? Then silicone casting rubber shore 8 is the silicone rubber you are looking for! This shore is mostly used for making moulds with a lot of detail and difficult to release shapes. In addition, this silicone is extremely suitable for objects from the erotic industry.

  • Silicone casting rubber shore 15
    Are you going to make Resin Art moulds? Silicone casting rubber shore 15 is the first choice when it comes to making moulds. The casting rubber is flexible, easy to use and has a low viscosity. This makes casting rubber shore 15 very suitable for making epoxy moulds.

  • Silicone casting rubber shore 25
    If you are looking for a slightly flexible silicone, you can use Silicone casting rubber shore 25. The casting rubber is suitable for making silicone moulds with medium detailing.

  • Silicone casting rubber shore 40
    This hard silicone is the least flexible of the four shores. Silicone casting rubber shore 40 s easy to work with and is the number one choice if you are casting concrete moulds. Silicone rubber, like the other shores, is food-safe and heat-resistant.

Handprint in plaster (3D handprint)

Want to make your own handprint in plaster? Then use our handprint mould kit. This way, you immediately have all the materials you need to make a mould of a hand or foot. The package also includes porcelain plaster so you can immediately cast the mould into a porcelain figurine of your hand! The kit comes with alginate moulding rubber. This skin-friendly material is simple to use and easy to work with. The product is natural and biodegradable. Want to know how to make a 3D handprint? We wrote an informative article in which we we explain step by step what actions to follow. Check out the article here!

More information on silicone rubber?

Do you have any questions about silicone casting rubber? Feel free to contact our customer service team. We will happily help you with your project! Our specialists are available monday to friday to answer all your questions. Frequently asked questions and manuals about making silicone moulds and plaster casts can be found in our information centre! We posted several videos about using silicone rubber on our YouTube channel. You can view all our videos in the Silicone playlist.



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