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Adhesives and sealants

View our extensive range of adhesives and sealants. We supply professional adhesives and sealants from well-known brands such as Tec7AralditeProfill and Versachem Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a specialist, we have the right adhesive or sealant for every job! Feel free to contact our specialists if you have any questions!

Adhesives and sealants

Professional adhesives and sealants supplies high-quality adhesives and sealants for professional use. The range of adhesives and sealants is very extensive and contains a wide variety of professional products from Tec7AralditeProfill en Versachem. There is a suitable adhesive or sealant for every surface and application. Do you have questions about the right adhesive for your project? Feel free to contact our specialists. We will gladly advise you!

Buy Tec7 

Tec7 is a leader in the field of innovative adhesives and sealants. Polyestershoppen supplies a wide range of Tec7 products to simplify the work of professionals and support them in a professional manner. Tec7's most popular product is the  Tec7 adhesive sealant. This universal polymer adhesive sealant has very good adhesive properties and can also be used on wet surfaces. This sealant is therefore used for 80% of all adhesive applications.

The Tec7 Water Protect (WP7) product line includes various products for waterproofing. With WP7 Instant Waterproof, for example, you can easily waterproof various surfaces. This waterproof coating also protects against shocks, stone chips and reduces noise.

All Tec7 products are delivered from stock at lightning speed. For product advice, please contact our  customer service team

Araldite adhesives

Polyestershoppen has a complete range of epoxy, methyl methacrylate and polyurethane adhesives of the high-quality brand Araldite. Araldite adhesives are widely used in the professional sector. These adhesives provide optimal adhesion to stone, wood, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, composites, etc. Thanks to our competitive prices and economical application guns, these adhesives are ideal for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional!

Tip: not sure which Araldite adhesive you need? Use the special Araldite product selector or contact us. 

Epoxy adhesives

Epoxy adhesive is often considered to be a very suitable product for bonding metals, composites and porous substrates. Polyestershoppen supplies a wide range of epoxy adhesives from AralditeVersachem and Devcon. The main differences are in viscosity (gap-filling ability), colour and cure rate.

For a single bond, we recommend using Araldite standard or Araldite rapid. Both epoxy adhesives are easy to use and adhere to many substrates. You do not need an application gun for these adhesives.

View all other epoxy adhesives here or contact our customer service team for advice.

Methylmethacrylate adhesives

Methyl methacrylate adhesives are strong adhesives that are often used to bond plastics and metals. A commonly used methacrylate adhesive is Araldite 2021. This adhesive is suitable for bonding many applications. In addition, this adhesive is hand-tight after 4 minutes and has high heat resistance.

We supply various adhesives from AralditePlexus and Versachem. The variation is mainly in the applicability on different substrates and the speed of curing. See all methyl methacrylate adhesives here.

Polyurethane adhesives (PU glues)

Polyurethane adhesive, also known as PU adhesive, is an adhesive that is suitable for professional bonding of various substrates. Polyurethane adhesive has good adhesion to metals, composites, rubbers and various synthetic substrates. Due to its excellent adhesion to metal and composites, PU adhesive is often used in construction, aviation, automotive and general industry. In addition, high viscosity and thus gap-filling ability is an important characteristic of polyurethane adhesives. In some cases, the adhesive is also UV-resistant.

You will find the following PU adhesives in our product range: Araldite 2018 Polyurethane adhesiveAraldite 2028-1 Polyurethane adhesive and Sikaflex 221. See the product pages of these adhesives for more information.

Acrylic adhesive (Scotchweld DP)

3M Acrylic adhesive is a high quality adhesive. Scotchweld DP is suitable for almost all surfaces. Acrylic adhesive is particularly strong for bonding plastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and other similar plastics. The adhesives are easy to process and require minimal preparation.
3M Acrylic adhesive is available as DP-8005 and DP-8010.

More information about adhesives and sealants?

We supply many different adhesives for many different applications. Can't see the wood for the trees anymore? We will be happy to help you with this and advise you on the adhesive you need for your application. Please contact our specialists! 






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