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Polyurethane resin

Polyurethane has many applications and is easy to process. We sell various top-quality PU casting resins and PU foams. We offer a wide range tailored to various applications. Order PU foam (PUR foam) from Froth-PakTec7 and RESION here. You can also find polyurethane casting resin at Polyestershoppen. Do you have any questions about the products or their processing? Feel free to contact our specialists!

Polyurethane resin

Are you looking for a high-quality polyurethane resin or polyurethane foam? Polyestershoppen supplies various high-quality PU resins and foams. You can order PU products quickly and easily from our online shop. Do you have any questions about the products or the processing? Don't hesitate to contact our specialists!

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is an important polymer family with a wide range of applications. This versatile rubbery synthetic material is widely used in everyday life. For example, PU is used for automotive parts, moulded parts, floors and insulation (PUR foam).

At Polyestershoppen you will find several forms of PU: PU Molding Resin and PU Foam.

Polyurethane resin

Polyurethane resin, also known as PU resin, is a fast-curing resin from the polymer family. PU resin belongs, like epoxy and polyester, to the category of "synthetic resins". Polyurethane resin is used for many applications and is often used where UV resistance and fast curing are important properties. For example, PU resin is regularly used for moulding replicas, prototypes, tools and similar parts for model making and machine building.

Polyestershoppen supplies PU casting resin from Huntsman and G8-Super in various packaging units. We also supply PU pigments in various RAL colours from stock. This way you give the Polyurethane resin the colour you want!

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is a well-known form of PU and is perhaps better known as PU Foam, PUR foam or insulation foam. PU foam is used for insulating boats, cold rooms, roofs, basements and similar applications. Polyestershoppen supplies high-quality polyurethane foam from RESIONFroth-Pak and Tec7.     

  • RESION PU Foam
    RESION PU Foam is an easy to use 2-component polyurethane foam. The product is epoxy and polyester resistant and has a closed cell structure.  After mixing, RESION PU foam expands to 25 to 30 times its volume.

  • Froth-Pak PU Foam
    Polyestershoppen is official dealer of Froth-Pak PUR foam. With the DOW Froth Pak kits, you produce PU foam of the highest quality easily and at lightning speed. The sprayable PU foam solidifies in 60 seconds and is fully cured after 10 minutes. The insulation foam has a very high insulation value and is very user-friendly. Froth-Pak is available in a large set of 400 of 1400 litres. Do you need less PU foam? Then choose the Froth-Pak 30 litre set, including hose and application gun.                                                                                                                                                           
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        All necessary Froth-Pak accessories such as nozzleshosesheating mats and a cleaning kit are easy to order online!        
  • Tec7 PUR Foam
    The ready-to-use PU foam from Tec7 is ideal for small insulation applications. PUR foam is easy to use and has a long shelf life, even when the packaging has been opened. In addition, the insulation foam can be used in any positions (360° applicability).      

More information about Polyurethane?

Do you have any questions or do you need advice about PU resin or PU foam? Then please contact our customer service team. Our specialists will be happy to help you make your project a succes! You can contact us by phone, e-mailWhatsApp or via the live chat.

Please check out our information centre or our YouTube channel. We have written several articles and made videos about polyurethane. For example, we made a cool video about insulating a motor home with Froth-Pak PU foam schuim!


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