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Auxiliary materials

In this category you will find all the materials for the correct processing of polyesterepoxylacquerssilicone and PU resins. All brushes, paint rollers, mixing cups, mixing spatulas and other auxiliary materials are delivered quickly and cheaply. The materials are available separately or in practical auxiliary materials packages. Are you unsure which auxiliary materials you need? We are happy to advise you.

Auxiliary materials

Are you looking for brushes, paint rollers, vent rollers, mixing spatulas, mixing cups or other auxiliary materials? At Polyestershoppen you will find all the auxiliary materials you need to apply your epoxy, polyester and lacquers in a professional way! Do you need advice on the right auxiliary materials for your project? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to give you advice!

Which paint roller do I need?

In our extensive range of auxiliary materials, you will find various paint rollers. But which roller do you need for your application or product? In the table below you can read exactly which roller you need!

Product Suitable paint roller
Epoxy resin  Velvet roller
Epoxy primers Nylon fleece roller
EP Colorshield Velvet roller
Polyester resin Fleece roller
Polyester topcoat Fleece roller
Polyester gelcoat Fleece roller
DD Lacquer Foam roller or felt roller
HB Coating Velvet roller or felt roller
ZF Primer Velvet roller or felt roller
Antifouling Fleece roller
Anti-slip paint Textured roller

Auxiliary materials for mixing and weighing 

It is very important to weigh and mix 2-component products such as epoxy, polyester and DD lacquer correctly and carefully. We supply various auxiliary materials for weighing and mixing. We recommend always using the "two-cup mixing method" when using epoxy.

  • Mixing cups
    RESION's mixing cups allow you to easily weigh resins for mixing. The sturdy impact-resistant mixing cups are available in various sizes and can be used several times.         

  • Mixing spatulas / mixers
    Always use good mixing spatulas to get the best result. So use our beechwood mixing spatulaswooden mixing spatulas with rounded edges or plastic mixing spatulas with rounded edges.

    For large quantities of material, we recommend using a butterfly mixer or a spiral mixer. With these mixers you can easily mix larger quantities. Ideal if you want to make an epoxy floor or an epoxy table.

  • Weighing scale
    In addition to mixing well, it is very important to weigh 2-component resins as carefully as possible. If you use the wrong mixing ratio, there is a good chance that the resin will not cure, or will not cure completely. We therefore advise you to always weigh the components correctly. With our digital scales, you can accurately weigh materials from 1 gram to 5 kilos.

Auxiliary materials packages (kits)

All our auxiliary materials are available separately or as a complete package. For certain applications we have developed a package of auxiliary materials. This way you have all the materials you need to start your project immediately. Practical, isn't it?

We supply material packages for the following applications:

Other auxiliary materials

In our range of auxiliary materials you will also find brusheslaminating spatulasvent rollersputty knivesgas burners(packaging) tape and products to clean hands and surfaces.

More information about auxiliary materials?

Do you have questions or do you need advice on how to use the right auxiliary materials? Then don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We will gladly help you make your project a success!

You can contact us by phonee-mailWhatsApp or via the live chat.

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