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Glass fibre

Order your glass fibre for reinforcing polyester and epoxy constructions here! We supply various glass mats, glass fabrics and twill fabrics at lightning speed. You can determine the type of fabric by looking at the desired resin, strength and layer thickness (stiffness). In doubt of which type of fabric you need for your project? Contact our specialists!

Glass fibre

We supply various glass fibres for the reinforcement of polyester and epoxy constructions. Are you searching for glass fibre mats, glass fabrics, twill fabrics or roving fabrics? At Polyestershoppen you will find these glass fibres in various types and sizes. The rule is: the heavier the fabric, the stiffer the end product.

Are you unsure about the type of fabric you need for your project? Our specialists will be happy to advise you!

What is fibreglass?

Glass fibre is a reinforcing material which is used to reinforce epoxy or polyester structures. Thanks to its woven structure, fibreglass increases the rigidity of a construction. Fibreglass is easy to process and is therefore often used for lamination. The type of fabric determines the weight, strength and quality of the construction. In addition to fibreglass, Polyestershoppen also supplies various carbon and aramid reinforcement fabrics.

Glass fibre mats (glass mats)

Glass fibre mats are loose fibres that are bound together by a binder. This binder dissolves in polyester or vinylester resin, so that the fabric can take any shape. Fibreglass matting is also known as CSM (Chopped Strand Mat). A glass fibre mat is the most common reinforcing material used in hand lay-up. By combining the glass mat with the polyester resin, you create a rigid and strong construction.

Glass fibre matting is often used for laminating, for example, swimming pools, ponds or for covering objects. Polyestershoppen supplies glass mat in different thicknesses: Glass mat 225 gr/m2Glass mat 300 gr/m2Glass mat 450 gr/m2. The variants differ in thickness and weight. This makes the mats suitable for different applications. See the product pages or contact us.

Glass fabric

Glass fabric is a reinforcing material with a very high tensile strength. The tensile strength of glass fabric is higher than that of glass fibre matting due to the structure of the fabric. In addition, glass fabric absorbs less resin. This results in a very strong and light construction. Glass fabric is easy to treat with epoxy resin. Glass fabric is easy to laminate on straight surfaces. Glass fabric is woven in a non-corrosive way. You can, for example, use this fabric for boats and kite surf boards and for upholstery on other straight surfaces.

Glass fabric is available in 80 gr/m2 and 200 gr/m2.

Twill fabric

Twill is a twill weave which folds well. Twill is therefore very suitable for laminating round shapes. Like fibreglass, twill absorbs resin easily and works well in combination with epoxy, polyester and vinylester resins. Twill fabric is vailable in Twill 160 gr/m2 and Twill 300 gr/m2.

Glass roving fabric (mesh fabric)

Glass roving fabric is a fabric for coarse work. This type of fabric is used to quickly increase the thickness of the layers in order to obtain a solid final result. Mesh glass cloth is ideal for thick, high strength laminates. This mesh fabric is available in 300 gr/m2600 gr/m2 and even 800 gr/m2. The latter gives a layer thickness of 1.4 mm. A major advantage of mesh is that it is cheaper than glass cloth or twill.

Glass cloth tape

Glass cloth tape is a narrow, straight woven fabric. Glass cloth tape is ideal for local repairs and reinforcements. The fabric does not wrinkle and is therefore suitable for straight surfaces. The glass cloth tape is available in widths of 2.5 cm5 cm or 10 cm

More information on glass fibres?

If you have any questions about the properties of different glass fibres or if you want to know how to use glass fibres in your project, please contact our customer service. Our specialists will be happy to advise you and answer your questions. You can contact us by phonee-mailWhatsApp or via the live chat function.


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