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Boat maintenance

Is your boat in need of maintenance? With our wide range of antifouling, boat primers, boat varnishes, gelcoat and repair materials, you can make sure your boat is in the water in perfect condition each season. Besides products to refurbish your boat, you will also find everything to maintain and clean your boat before and during the season. Do you have any questions about the products and procedures? Our specialists will be happy to advise you!



Boat maintenance

Everything for your boat!

Our range of boat care products ensures your boat is in top condition on the water every season. With a wide range of primers, antifoulings, boat varnishes, gelcoats and repair kits, you will find everything you need to get your boat ready for the next boating season. As well as products to refurbish your boat, you will also find everything you need to maintain and polish your boat before and during the season. Everything you need to get and keep your boat in top condition!

Polyestershoppen is supplier of the well-known brands and is official dealer of InternationalRiwaxDulonColtech and Hempel.


Whether you are looking for a hard antifouling or a self-sharpening antifouling, we provide the right antifouling for every type of boat! Our antifouling range consists of the highest quality antifouling. In addition, the products we supply are all authorised by the College Toelating Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen en Biociden (Dutch Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides) (CTGB). With the right antifouling, your boat is protected against dirt for one or more seasons and retains optimal sailing properties!

For example, use International Interspeed Extra ore Hempel Hard Racing Xtra as a hard antifouling for fast ships. For slower vessels you can use International Micron LZ or Hempel Classic as a self-sharpening antifouling. In our information article "All about Antifouling", we explain the differences between the products. We also explain what to look out for when choosing the right antifouling.

Fouling Release (Hempel Silic One)

Hempel Silic One is the revolution in antifouling coating. The anti-fouling system is similar to an antifouling, but is free of biocide and copper. Silic One is composed of a hydrogel (silicone) base. It creates a layer on the underwater hull to which organisms will not or hardly adhere. Just like an antifouling, it keeps the vessel clean underwater, so that your sailing speed remains optimal and you use less fuel. Interested in this revolutionary system? Visit the Hempel Silic One product page to find out more!

Boat primers

A boat primer is an important link between, for example, the boat and the antifouling or paint. Polyestershoppen supplies various primers that are suitable for polyester, wood, aluminum and steel boats.  For example, before applying a new antifouling, use International's popular one-component Primocon primer. You can also apply International Gelshield 200 to protect your boat from osmosis. Check out all other boat primers!

Polishing agents

Whether you are looking for boat wax to polish your gelcoat or a boat shampoo, with our extensive range of Riwax and Dulon products, you can be sure that your boat looks great before or during the boating season. We supply polishing agents, boat waxes, polishing machines and all polishing sponges and cloths at lightning speed from stock.

Boat maintenance tools

Polyestershoppen supplies various tools to get your boat back in shape. We sell Tercoo rotary blasters and Gelplane vacuum scrapers to easily remove antifouling and paint systems.

In the 'auxiliary materials' category you will also find all brushes, rollers and auxiliary material packages to properly apply boat maintenance products.

Video series: "Everything for your boat"

In our YouTube series "Everything for your boat", Kees and Arne take you through the renovation of a polyester boat. Each episode covers a new phase. They explain, among other things, how to carry out a repair, which primer to use and how to apply antifouling. Curious to see the videos? Check them out in the playlist on our YouTube channel!

More information on boat maintenance?

Do you have any questions about boat maintenance? Our specialists will be happy to help you with your project. You can contact us on working days until 5 p.m. by phone, e-mailWhatsApp and live chat. We will be happy to help you out!

Also take a look at our information centre. Here you can find various step-by-step guides on how to refurbish your boat! For example, check out the article ""Boat repair and recovery" and see from there which guides may be of interest to you.

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