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Shop your Acrystal (acrylic resin) here. We supply various Acrystal resins for general applications (Prima), large castings (Optima), continuous water loads (Aqua) or just for decorative applications (Decor). Please contact us if you have any questions!


At Polyestershoppen you will find a wide range of Acrystal for various applications. Whether you are looking for an Acrystal resin for general applicationslarge castingscontinuous water loads or simply for decorative applications, you will find all types of Acrystal in our range. In addition to various acrylic resins, we also supply thickeners, fillers, pigments and auxiliary materials that you can use for your project.

What is Acrystal?

Acrystal is a cold-curing ceramic laminate (acrylic resin). Acrystal is used for cast and laminated sculptures, to support silicone moulds, as relief material on artists' canvases and much more!

Acrystal is very easy to use and gives professional results. The product consists of 2 parts. A base (plaster-like powder) and a liquid (acrylic polymer). Besides being easy to use, the acrylic resin is non-toxic, odourless and UV-resistant. Acrystal is comparable to Jesmonite.

Which acrystal do I need?

At Polyestershoppen you will find the following types of acrylic resin. Each Acrystal product has unique properties, so there is an Acrystal for every application. The use of fillers and pigments makes it possible to achieve endless effects. The following types of Acrystal are available:

  • Acrystal Prima
    Acrystal Prima is often used for small castings or for applications in which lamination is used. The end result looks like plaster and is very strong. 
  • Acrystal Optima
    Acrystal Optima is very suitable for larger castings and is available from 13 kg. With Acrystal Optima you can easily cast large sculptures. Like Acrystal Prima, this variant is also suitable for casting in silicone moulds.

  • Acrystal Aqua
    Acrystal Aqua is ideal for laminating and moulding products that are continuously under water. Thanks to the harmless composition of its components, the material can be used in aquariums. The ideal product if you want to make your own ornaments for your aquarium!

  • Acrystal Decor
    This type of acrystal is used for decorative applications. Acrystal Decor is available in 4 different variants. Each variant has its own decorative style for a marble, pewter, bronze, or copper look of your casting.

More information on Acrystal?

Do you have any questions about Acrystal acrylic resin and its processing? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will gladly help you make a succes of your project!

You can contact us by phonee-mailWhatsApp or via the live chat.


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