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Resin Art

At Polyestershoppen you will find all the materials you need for your Resin Art works! You can make the most beautiful epoxy projects with our extensive range of epoxy resinsresin art pigmentsauxiliary materials and lots of cool moulds. Start creating your own epoxy jewellery, coasters, paintings and much more! Any questions? Feel free to contact our customer service or check out frequently asked questions in our information centre!


Resin art

All necessities for your resin art!

Whether you are an experienced Resin Artist or a beginner, you can buy all necessities for your Resin Art projects at Polyestershoppen! We supply epoxy, pigments, moulds and handy accessories at lightning speed from stock. We also supply various inexpensive packages to get you started immediately with making epoxy coasters, paintings, jewellery and many more Resin Art works! Are you a beginner and don't you know where to start? Then our Resin Art starter kit is just the thing for you! With this kit, you have all the products you need to get started right away!

What is Resin Art?

Resin Art simply means 'Epoxy Art' and is therefore an art form that uses epoxy casting resin as the basic material. Epoxy consists of 2 components that you mix together and can colour with various  pigments. This art form originates from America and is versatile. For example, you can use Resin Art to make your own paintings, coasters, jewellery, trays and much more. The nice thing about Resin Art is that the possibilities are infinite and you decide for yourself what your works of art will look like!

Which epoxy do I need?

Epoxy (or epoxy casting resin) is the most important part of Resin Art. It is therefore important that you buy good epoxy. At Polyestershoppen, you will find a wide range of epoxy resins from the RESION brand. These epoxy resins are high-quality, highly transparent and easy to process. In addition, the 'UV' resins have high UV stability and are resistant to sunlight. The table below lists the resins suitable for Resin Art applications. Read more about Resin Art epoxy in our information article  "All about RESION UV Resin Art epoxy".

  Properties Applications
  • Low viscosity (liquidity)
  • Very UV stable
  • Highly transparent
  • 100:60 mixing ratio
  • Jewellery
  • Coasters
  • Paintings
  • Small tables
RESION UV Resin Art Epoxy LV
  • Low viscosity
  • Highly UV stable
  • Highly transparent
  • 100:50 mixing ratio
  • Jewellery
  • Coasters
  • Paintings
  • Small moulds
RESION UV Resin Art Epoxy MV
  • Medium viscosity (flowability)
  • Highly UV stable
  • Highly transparent
  • 100:50 mixing ratio
  • Great for Piñata Ink
  • Coasters
  • Medium to large moulds
RESION UV Resin Art Epoxy HV
  • High viscosity (flowability)
  • Highly UV stable
  • Highly transparent
  • 100:50 mixing ratio
  • Geodes
  • Ocean Art
  • Finishing coat (or doming)

Working safely with epoxy

Epoxy is a product that contains chemicals. It is therefore very important that you always work safely with epoxy. Make sure you always wear (nitrile) gloves and covered clothing. In addition, always work in a well-ventilated area. Epoxy contains some volatile components, even in small quantities. These are released during curing. Are you not working in a ventilated area? Then wear a suitable fume mask.

Polyestershoppen only supplies high-quality epoxy resins. Our epoxy suppliers are reputable European manufacturers who are ISO 9001 certified. Each epoxy system is thoroughly tested for quality, durability and human and environmental safety. For example, no epoxy resins are sold that carry the GHS08 and GHS06 hazard symbols.

Read more about working safely with epoxy in our information article: "FAQ - Working safely with epoxy".

Resin Art pigments

With our resin art pigments, you can make any epoxy artwork unique and let your creativity run wild. At Polyestershoppen you will find various top-quality pigments. Our range consists of pigment powders (mica powders), pigment pastes, alcohol inks, transparent pigments and much more! View all our pigments here.

  • Mica powder
    Add a luxurious look to your epoxy with the widely used MetalTint mica powder pigments. RESION MetalTint is available in around 30 colours in packs of 2 and 100 grams. These pigments have a light metallic appearance and are very powerful.  

  • Pigment paste
    Want to give epoxy an opaque and even colour? Then Resi-Tint MAX is for you! This pigment paste is available in more than 20 beautiful colours that can also be mixed with each other. You only need 3% pigment paste to achieve an opaque colour. This makes Resi-Tint MAX extra economical.

  • Alcohol Ink
    Are you familiar with our Piñata Alcohol Ink yet? These are the favourite pigments according to many Resin Art fans. And this is not unjustified, because with Piñata Alcohol Ink you create special effects in your epoxy artworks!

  • Transparent pigment
    Looking for transparent pigments? Then use the  RESION TransTint pigments. With this pigment liquid, a dosage of just 0.3 - 0.5% is sufficient to create a transparent effect. A great pigment for epoxy coasters, jewellery and tables, for example!

Resin Art moulds

With more than 80 different moulds, we offer a wide range of silicone Resin Art moulds. The moulds are made of flexible silicone, so epoxy will not adhere to the mould. Besides silicone moulds, you will also find HDPE moulds, which are of even better quality. So are you looking for Resin Art moulds for your coasters, trays, etagères or other creations? Then take a look at our competitively priced Resin Art moulds!

Resin Art accessorries

To simplify working with epoxy, we also offer various accessories. Easily remove air bubbles from epoxy with RESION Bubble Burst or a mini gas burner and weigh the epoxy correctly with digital scales. You can also find polishing pastesilica gelcombination toolsauxiliary materials and much more. View all Resin Art accessories here!

Tips and inspiration

Need some help and inspiration to make something great yourself? Just follow the social media channels below!

  • Join our Facebook group "I Love Resin Art" for free! Here, together with more than 9,000 Resin Art fans, you will find inspiration. You can also inspire others, ask questions and take part in great contests.

  • Check out our YouTube channel! Here you will find various videos in which we explain everything about Resin Art.

  • Follow us on Instagram where we weekly post our customer's most beautiful creations.

  • In our information centre you can find several DIY tutorials to get you started with your Resin Art project.

More information about Resin Art?

Do you have questions about epoxy, moulds, pigments and Resin Art techniques? Feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you with your project! Our specialists are available Monday to Friday to answer all your questions.

Frequently asked questions and manuals about making Resin Art projects can be found in our information centre

Sometimes you need some inspiration to make something great. Various customers or bloggers preceded you and we like to share their videos or photos to inspire you. 


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