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Vacuum materials

Polyestershoppen is specialist in vacuum materials. With an extensive range and qualified specialists, you will find everything for your vacuum project. Vacuum pumps, vacuum vent chambers, vacuum film, Sealant tape and all necessary accessories for venting, Resin Infusion and Wet Bagging. If you have any questions, contact our specialists!

Vacuum materials

Vacuum technology can no longer be ignored when processing polyester, epoxy, polyurethanes and silicones in a professional manner. Vacuum technology is used, among other things, to easily remove air bubbles from casting compounds. This ensures a clear and professional casting result. In addition, vacuum is used for pressing laminates (Wet Bagging) and for manufacturing laminates (Resin Infusion/vacuum injection).

Polyestershoppen offers a wide and comprehensive range of vacuum materials. On this page you will find various vacuum pumpsvacuum chambersvacuum filmsealant tape and all necessary accessories.

Do you have questions about vacuum techniques? We have specialists with knowledge of the materials who are only too happy to help you! So feel free to contact us about this.

Eliminating air bubbles with a vacuum system:

In this category you will find different vacuum systems and sets for bubble-free casting. With these vacuum systems you can easily deaerate various resins. Think of epoxy, polyurethane and silicones. Various products can be used to remove air bubbles from resins.

A vacuum de-aeration system is used to remove air bubbles before casting. A pressure chamber is used to harden your casting, i.e. after casting.

  • Vacuum dearation set
    The vacuum dearation set is the recommended set to easily remove air bubbles from various resins before pouring. The set consists of a vacuum pump, vacuum dome and accessories for connecting the pump to the dome. This means you have everything you need  immediately at your disposal to achieve a professional casting result. Do you want to know how the vacuum vent set works? We have made a clear instruction video!   

  • Pressure chamber  
    A pressure chamber allows your casting to cure under pressure. The pressure reduces or eliminates air bubbles. This way, your casting will cure without any air bubbles. The pressure chamber is equipped with a pressure gauge and a pressure regulator. This allows you to regulate the pressure chamber correctly and to use it safely. The pressure vessel is available as a separate vessel or including a compressor.  

Vacuum techniques

Vacuum injection technique (Resin Infusion)
With vacuum injection, or resin infusion, a fibre structure is built in or on a mould. After building up the fibre package, the whole package is sealed with a vacuum film. When the vacuum film is sealed onto the mould, it is sucked into the vacuum. The vacuum then draws the resin evenly through the fibre pack. Polyestershoppen supplies all the materials needed to apply the vacuum injection technique.

Are you getting started with vacuum injection (Resin Infusion)? We have developed a Vacuum injection trial kit with all the necessary materials to get started with vacuum injection. We have also made an instructional video on vacuum injection. In it, specialist Herman explains how to get started with vacuum injection!     

Wet bagging technique

Will you be vacuuming laminates (wet bagging)? In our vacuum materials range, you will find all the materials you need to apply the 'Wet bagging' technique professionally. Use the following materials for this application:

More information on vacuum materials?

Do you have questions or need advice on the use of core material? Then please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. Our specialists will be happy to help you make your project a success! You can contact us by phonee-mailWhatsApp or via the live chat. 



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