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Floor systems

Want to lay a self-levelling screed? At Polyestershoppen, you will find all the materials you need to lay an epoxy or PU self-levelling screed. Screed floors are extremely popular and they are increasingly laid in living spaces, garages, sheds, office buildings and production areas. Are you wondering if a cast floor is possible for your project? Our specialists have practical experience and will happily advise you before, during and after your project. Request a free quote or contact us via!

Floor systems

Laying a cast floor yourself may sound difficult, but did you know that this is a very fun and realistic job even for a do-it-yourselfer? At Polyestershoppen, we guide you through the entire process. From the orientation phase to the actual execution of the job, our specialists are there for you! So you can soon enjoy a stylish cast floor to the full.

Order a cast floor at Polyestershoppen

If you buy a cast floor system from Polyestershoppen then you can expect the following benefits:

  • Expert guidance before, during and after your purchase.
  • Free quote + step-by-step plan with videos and manuals.
  • Wide range of floor systems and auxiliary materials.
  • Lightning-fast delivery from stock.
  • Free return of unopened packaging.

Are you curious about the possibilities of a polyurethane or epoxy cast floor in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, shed or business premises? Then feel free to contact our specialists for a free, no-obligation quote or take a look at our information centre on cast floors.

Epoxy or PU screed?

As a rule, we talk about two types when we talk about a cast floor: epoxy cast floor or PU cast floor. These flooring systems have different properties. Epoxy self-levelling floors, for instance, are suitable for high mechanical loads and are resistant to chemicals. You can easily drive over an epoxy floor with heavy vehicles such as a forklift truck. As a result, epoxy cast flooring is often used in garages, sheds, laboratories and production areas. An epoxy cast floor is available as a screed system but also as a floor coating. The main difference is the thickness of the floor. A casting floor has a thickness of 1.5 mm and a floor coating only has a thickness of 0.5 mm. You can read more about the differences between floor coating and a cast floor in our information centre.

A polyurethane cast floor (or PU cast floor) is less resistant to heavy loads but is more elastic and sound-absorbent. As a result, a PU cast floor is widely used in residential or office premises.

Features epoxy cast floor Features polyurethane cast floor
Suitable for industrial areas Suitable for living spaces
Resistant to heavy loads Sound-absorbing
Suitable in combination with underfloor heating Suitable in combination with underfloor heating
Completely seamless Completely seamless
Low UV resistance High UV resistance
Available in any RAL colour Available in any RAL colour

Want to know more about cast floors?

Do you have any questions about floor systems or would you like a customised quote? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. Our specialists will happily answer your questions and provide you with a free quote to make your project into a success! Feel free to send an e-mail to or call +31850220090.






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