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Core material

By using core material, you ensure extra thickness and thus rigidity of a construction. Polyestershoppen supplies various core materials for use in combination with polyestervinylester and epoxy. For more information, please contact customer service team.


Core material

High rigidity of a composite is often desired. By using a core material, you ensure thickness and therefore the rigidity of a construction. Polyestershoppen supplies various core materials for use in combination with polyestervinylester and epoxy. For more information, please contact our customer service team.

Lantor Soric

Lantor developed the core material Soric in 2002. Soric is the ideal core and melt-in-one material. Soric enables manufacturers to produce better and more consistent products, using less material and producing fewer emissions. This core material helps customers make lighter products by replacing unnecessary materials and eliminating some of the ancillary materials through its built-in flowability. All this is the effect of a unique product structure, in which microspheres are embedded in a polyester-based nonwoven with a pressure-resistant binder, in a typical island and hexagonal channel form. This structure guarantees pressure resistance, flexibility, low weight and resin flow.

At Polyestershoppen you can easily order Soric SF (normal resin flow), Soric XF (fast resin flow) and Soric LRC (slow resin flow). Lantor's core material is always delivered free of charge from stock. Watch the instructional video for more information on Lantor Soric.


Want to increase the stiffness of a polyester product without adding a lot of weight? Then SphereCore is the number one core material. Like other core materials, SphereCore is suitable for increasing the stiffness of scooter hoods, pond covers, boat decks and similar applications.

SphereCore is easy to process and can be cut to size with scissors. In addition, the material is pliable so it can easily take on awkward shapes. SphereCore is available in various sizes with a thickness of 2 mm3 mm or 4 mm.

3D Core

3D Core is a base material used for polyester and epoxy products. The special cut makes this material very suitable for processing by manual lamination and vacuum injection. The cuts ensure good resin flow. 3D Core is lightweight, easy to process and can be easily shaped.

More information on core material?

Do you have any questions or do you need advice on using core material? Then don't hesitate to contact our customer service. Our specialists will be happy to help you make your project a success! You can contact us by phonee-mail, WhatsApp or via the live chat.

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