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Sanding and polishing

In this section you will find everything you need for sanding and polishing your project. View our extensive range of sandpaper, sanding discspolshing pastes, sanders, polishers and all necessary auxiliary materials. Questions about sanding or polishing your project? Feel free to contact our specialists!

Sanding and polishing

Everything for sanding and polishing

At Polyestershoppen, you will find all materials for sanding and polishing. We have a complete range of sandpaper, sanding discs and sanders for every job. With our polishing materials you can give your boat, caravan or Resin Art a great shine!

Sandpaper and sanding discs

We supply a wide range of sanding materials and sanding discs from well-known brands such as Mirka and Colad. Whether you are looking for waterproof sandpapermatting sponges or sanding discs such as Mirka GoldMirka Abranet AceMirka AbralonMirka Microstar and Mirka Coarse Cut. Polyestershoppen delivers quickly and from stock!

Sanding machines

Polyestershoppen supplies various high-quality sanding machines from Mirka. All necessary sanding discs and accessories are also available from stock.

Mirka Deros sander

As a dealer of Mirka Deros sanders, Polyestershoppen supplies 3 variants of this popular and high-quality sanding machine. The lightweight eccentric rotary sander is available with a sanding stroke of 2.5 mm (Deros 625CV), 5 mm (Deros 650CV) and 8 mm (Deros 680CV).

The lightweight Mirka Deos delta sander with 3 mm sanding stroke is also available in our webshop. 

Rupes sander
Polyestershoppen sells two Rupes sanders: the Rupes LE71TE (orbital sander) and the Rupes LS71T (delta sander). Both sanders are lightweight and feature high sanding performance.

Polishing materials

in order to achieve a beautiful shiny result, it is important to use good polishing agents. Polyestershoppen supplies high quality polishes from  RESIONRiwax and Dulon. All polishing agents are mainly used for polyester (boats) and epoxy surfaces.

RESION polishing system
RESION Polishes are mainly suitable for restoring the shine of epoxy surfaces. The RESION 2-step polishing system consists of 2 products: RESION High Gloss Polish and RESION High Gloss Wax.

First, High Gloss Polish is used to give a high gloss appearance to epoxy, gelcoat and DD lacquer, among others. After polishing with the polish, you give the surface an extra shine with the High Gloss Wax. Both products can be applied manually or by machine.

Riwax polishing system
The Riwax Polishing System is particularly suitable for bringing polyester boats up to a shine. Epoxy surfaces and DD lacquer can also be polished very well with Riwax products. The system consists of a number of components.  

Cleaners - you can easily remove sanding scratches and polish weathered gelcoats with Riwax RS02 and Riwax RS04. If you have a well-maintained gelcoat, use Riwax RS06 to polish it.

Finishers - after you have polished your boat, you can finish it with a Riwax boat wax. Use Riwax RS08 and Riwax RS10 to preserve the high gloss of your boat for as long as possible.

Maintenance - during the season, you can maintain the shine of your boat by treating it with RS Boat CleanRS Surface CleanRS Spray Finish and Wax Polish. These Riwax products will keep your boat in top condition during the boating season!

Read more about using the Riwax polishing system in our information article "Polishing your boat with Riwax"

Polishing machines

Do you want to polish properly, easily and effectively? Then we recommend purchasing a polisher. Buying a good polisher will give you a lot of pleasure and makes polishing much easier. At Polyestershoppen, you will find different polishers from Riwax, Rupes, BTC and Kemtex. All polishes, polishing pads and intermediate discs are also easy to order.

Riwax polisher
Polyestershoppen supplies various Riwax polishers. All Riwax polishers are easy to use and will make your polyester boat shine like new again. For more information, see the product pages of the Riwax Polisher 150 mmRiwax polisher 1300W and the Riwax excentric sanding and waxig machine.

BTC polisher
De BTC Line polisher is an eccentric rotary polisher with a high comfort level. The machine makes little noise while polishing and has removable side handles.

Kemtex polisher
The economical Kemtex Polisher is a powerful polisher for polishing various polyester and epoxy substrates. The polisher is comfortable to use support pad with a diameter of 125 mm.

Rupes polisher
The Rupes Bigfoot is an eccentric rotary polisher and comes with a sole of different sizes (77 mm or 125 mm). So you have a size for small and large polishing jobs.

More information about sanding and polishing?

Do you have questions about our sanding and polishing product range? Or do you need advice on sanding, polishing and buffing? Then please contact our customer service team. Our specialists will be happy to help you make your project a success! You can contact us by phonee-mailWhatsApp or via the live chat.

Please also take a look at our information centre. Here you will find various informative blogs on sanding, polishing and buffing for different applications.






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