Deckmate boat brush

Deckmate boat brush extra soft (blue)
Deckmate boat brush general (grey)
Deckmate boat brush medium (orange)
Deckmate boat brush hard (white)
Deckmate boat brush extra soft (blue)
Deckmate boat brush general (grey)
Deckmate boat brush medium (orange)
Deckmate boat brush hard (white)
  • Wash brushes for boats
  • 4 variants
  • 75 mm bristles

Deckmate boat brush for cleaning boats, cars and caravans. The boat brushes are made of a varnished hardwood block and have slanted bristles. This way, you can easily reach hard-to-reach places. The Deckmate brushes are fitted with a plastic bumper to prevent streaking and damage.

The bright dip/high-gloss anodised connector has a stainless steel spring clip button, allowing you to quickly mount the brush to a to a Deckmate rod and angle adapter.


  • Available in 4 variants.
  • The hairs are completely encased in the wooden block and have been secured with corrosion-resistant staples.
  • A white plastic bumper prevents stripes and damage during cleaning.
  • Slanted bristles to reach hard-to-reach places.

Deckmate boat brush in 4 variants

The Deckmate boat brushes are available in 4 variants. Thus, you have a suitable washing brush for all your cleaning tasks.

  • Extra soft | Blue | Scratch sensitive surfaces
    The extra soft wax brush is suitable for use on scratch-sensitive surfaces such as plastic window material, painted finishes and high-gloss polished metals. This blue-coloured boat brush has super-soft tetalon bristles for extra water absorption.

  • Soft | Grey | General use
    Use the soft boat brush for general cleaning of your boat, car or caravan. The ends of the grey hairs are split open for additional water absorbtion.
  • Medium | Orange | Teak & Anti slip
    The medium strength deck brush is ideal for cleaning teak and non-slip surfaces, hardwood decks and sails. The medium brush hairs are firm, but not too hard.  

  • Hard | White | Heavily soiled surfaces
    Is the surface heavily weathered or dirty? Then you need the hard boat brush. With the white polypropylene bristles you can effortlessly clean underwater ships, decks and floorboards.


Brand: Deckmate
Size: 24 cm

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