Dulon 50 Glass Clean

Dulon 50 Glass Clean 1 liter
Dulon 50 Glass Clean 5 liter
Dulon 50 Glass Clean 25 liter
Dulon 50 Glass Clean 1 liter
Dulon 50 Glass Clean 5 liter
Dulon 50 Glass Clean 25 liter
  • Professional glass cleaner
  • Streak-free, no blue haze
  • Cleaner for all glass types

Dulon 50 is a professional cleaner for all types of hard and soft (plastic) panes of glass, perspex, lexane, plexiglass, acrylate, polycarbonate and so on. Dulon 50 Glass Clean dries evenly and quickly and does not leave a blue haze.

Dulon Glass Clean is also suitable for use on cars, caravans, motorhomes or for use in the house.

Benefits of Dulon Glass Clean

  • Cleaner for all types of glass and plastic.
  • Professional formula (alcohol-based).
  • Streak-free result without blue haze.
  • Easy to use and very effective.

Instructions for use of Dulon 50

Dulon 50 Glass Clean comes in a spray bottle and is easy to use. We recommend using the bottom cleaner as follows:

  • Spray Dulon 50 Glass Clean on the window.
  • Allow briefly to take effect.
  • Wipe off with a dry cloth or tissue.

Avoid working in direct sunlight.


Contents: 1 litre, 5 litres and 25 litres
Processing temperature: +0°C
Storage: store frost-free, in a dark and dry place

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