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You probably know that feeling just after you have shipped your online order and you forgot to include a product. Ordering it again often results in additional shipping costs. You consider sending an email or calling customer service, but ultimately don't do it. The result: you are still missing that one product.

At Polyestershoppen, the above situation is a thing of the past. Now you can place an additional order online yourself with your previously placed order.

Benefits of reordering

  • Re-ordering is without additional shipping or handling charges.
  • Products can be re-ordered without intervention from our customer service department.
  • Additional added products come in the same shipping box or pallet.

How do you reorder?

  1. It is very simple: place the product you want to reorder in your shopping cart as if you were placing a normal order.
  2. When entering your details, the mail address and your delivery address should be identical to the details of the previously placed order.
  3. If still possible, the website now offers the option to add the products to your pending order.
  4. Select this option and complete the order as you normally would.

Conditions for reordering

Order status

To add products to a previously placed order, the previously placed order must meet some conditions:

  • The previously placed order must not have been shipped yet.
  • The previously placed order must have been paid in full.
  • The shipping method of the previously placed order must not be changed by the additional order.

If it can no longer be done online, neither can our customer service department

If the Reorder option when placing the additional order online on the website is not shown when completing the order, unfortunately it is also no longer possible to add the order to the previously placed order. The cause of this is one of the above options. In this case, customer service can unfortunately also no longer make changes to your previously placed order.

What if the reordered product is on backorder?

When all products on your previously placed order are in stock, your order has a deadline to ship the same day provided it was placed on time through our website. If you reorder a product and have it added to your original order, but this product is not in stock at that time, your entire order will be held until all products are in stock. Whether a product is in stock or has a longer delivery time is indicated on our website. Both on the product page and in the shopping cart.

What if the current order is in backorder?

When not all products of the first placed order are in stock, this order is in backorder. It is then no problem to add products to your order. Once all products are in stock, the order will be shipped immediately.

Shipping costs

There is no additional shipping charge for placing an additional order (adding an order to a previously placed order).

Extra costs

No additional costs such as administration fees or labor costs or the like will be charged for placing an additional order.


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