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Who doesn't want to save money? In this article we will explain how to use a Polyestershoppen discount code and how to shop with us for discount!

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Polyestershoppen discount codes

Have you received a Polyestershoppen discount code? Then follow the steps below to redeem the discount code. Before using it, always check the conditions of the discount code such as the minimum order amount and the validity of the code. You can find the conditions in the email with the discount code.

Redeem discount code

  1. Fill your shopping cart with your favorite products.
  2. Enter the discount code under "Discount code".
  3. With a valid discount code the total price will be adjusted immediately, always check this.
  4. Click "Continue ordering" and enter your address and payment information.
  5. Place your extra cheap order!

Is the discount code not working? Or are you unable to redeem the discount code? Please contact our customer service before placing your order. We are happy to help you! Please note: discount codes cannot be settled afterwards.

Invullen van kortingscode op Polyestershoppen.nl

Volume discount

We offer buyers discounts on large orders of certain products. The more you purchase of the same product, the higher the discount. This discount is automatically calculated!


Polyestershoppen promotion page

There is a promotion page on polyestershoppen.com. Here you will find all current promotions. On discount days such as Flash Sale you can find all participating products here. Plus you will find surplus products for a great price. So keep a close eye on this page!

View all actions on: Actions

Bargain corner

Throwing away products is of course a waste, which is why we have a 'bargain corner'. Here you will find products that are out of our range or have cosmetic damage. Think of a dented can or damaged packaging. Everything for a reasonable price!

Shop extra cheap in the Bargain corner

Flash Sale

Several times a year we organise a Flash Sale campaign. This means that many products from the categories Resin Art, Epoxy, Polyester, AcrystalSilicone rubber and more are on sale at a significant discount on that day. If you are subscribed to the newsletter you will be notified by email a few days in advance so you can mark this day in your calendar!

The discount of all the Flash Sale products is calculated automatically, so you do not need a discount code.

General discount days

Finally, we also participate in some well-known discount days in the Netherlands. Are you subscribed to our newsletter? Then you will be the first to know about the promotions on these days!

  • Singles Day 2024 - November 11
  • Black Friday 2024 - November 22


Do you still have questions about Polyestershoppen discount codes after reading this article? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We are happy to help you!

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