International Gelshield 200

  • Beschermt tegen osmose
  • Dampdichte coatinglaag
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Quick drying, easy to apply, epoxy primer, for protection of GRP against osmosis. The epoxy primer provides protection against osmosis in 5 coats (250µm). Fast drying allows multiple coat application in one day. 


  • Number of layers: 5 layers of 50µm
  • Consumption: +/- 8.1m² per litre
  • Application with brush or roller
  • Recommended thinner: International Thinner No.7
  • Add hardener to the base, stir and leave for 10 minutes to release air bubbles.
  • Grey
  • Green

Important to know 
New hulls should be cured for at least 4 weeks before applying Gelshield 200. Ambient temperature should be a minimum of 5°C and a maximum of 35°C. Product temperature should be minimum 10°C and maximum 35°C. Surface temperature should be minimum 5°C and maximum 35°C.

Pre treatment

Bare polyester gelcoat: remove with Yacht Line Super Cleaner, rinse with tap water and allow to dry. Sand with grit P180 sandpaper
Already antifouled surfaces: remove the antifouling, remove with Yacht Line Super Cleaner, rinse with tap water and allow to dry. Sand with grit P180 sandpaper.

Remove all dust from the surface. Apply the number of coats prescribed in the specification sheets (minimum 250 micron DLD). For ease of use, alternate grey and green colour per coat, start and finish with grey.


  • Set of 0.75 ltr (6 m2) Grey
  • Set of 0.75 ltr (6 m2) Green

We have a number of recommendations for working safely with polymers. At Polyestershoppen you will not only find the polymers themselves, but you can also purchase all the protective equipment you need from us. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our customer service. We can give you advice on how to work safely with polymers.

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