Westlake MGS BP10 bonding paste

Westlake MGS BP10
Westlake MGS BP10
  • Professional epoxy glue
  • For composite bonding
  • Potlife: 8 minutes

Westlake BP10 is a solvent-free epoxy-based bonding paste which was especially developed for fast setting bondings in composites applications and for bondings of composites. BP10 has a good degree of cure even at lower ambient temperatures. To achieve full mechanical properties and thermal resistance, post-curing of at least 3h 60°C is recommended. However, good mechanical properties are already developed after initial curing of 24h RT.

MGS BP 10 is available in 400 ml cartridges (side by side), making it ideal for precise and clean bonding.

Benefits of Westlake BP10 bonding paste

  • Fast adhesion to composites and metal.
  • Short processing time (8 minutes).
  • Fast curing.
  • Developed for professional applications, but also suitable for DIY projects.

Instructions for use 

We recommend using this bonding paste in the following way:

  • Remove cap nut and plug. 
  • Squeeze out material until hardener and resin are on same level. 
  • Attach mixer and secure with cap nut. 
  • Reject the first 5-15 grams until colour is homogenous. 

The recommended temperature for application is between 5°C and 23°C.  Higher temperatures are possible but will shorten potlife. A temperature increase of 10°C will halve the potlife. At low temperatures reactivity is low, but viscosity will increase. In original packaged and closed cartridges, MGS BP10 can be stored for up to 48 months. Before use, cartridge should be conditioned at 20°C to 25°C. 

Product properties

Colour: yellow (basis), blue (hardener)
Mix ratio: 2:1
Packaging: 400 ml cartridge
Density: 1.17 g/cm3
8 minutes
Minimum processing temperature:
Shelf life: 48 months in original packaging
Mixing tube: mixing tube E
Application gun: LS400-2 (2:1)

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