IK Foam PRO 2

  • Hand foamer for snow foam
  • Contents: 1.5 litres
  • 3 different nozzles

The IK Foam PRO 2 is a professional foam gun for applying snow foam shampoo and normal car shampoos as a pre-wash. This hand foamer is very suitable for washing your car with car shampoo, snow foam or other cleaning products.

Main features of IK Foam PRO 2 

  • Easy to use: the bottle of the iK Foam PRO 2 foam gun is slightly transparent, so you can clearly see how full it is. In addition, the bottle is equipped with an indicator per 250 ml.

  • Safe to use: the IK pressure sprayer is equipped with a safety lock and a safety valve with pressure relief. This way you can work safely with your cleaning products.

  • Ergonomic design: the hand foamer fits comfortably in your hand and is made of durable HDPE material for long-lasting use.

  • Stable base: thanks to the wide bottom, the hand sprayer remains stable and does not fall over.

Different nozzles, caps and spare filters

The IK Foam PRO 2 hand foamer comes with three different nozzles to determine the foam thickness:

  • Green = thick/dry foam
  • Grey = medium foam
  • Orange = thin/wet foam

In addition, two caps ( red and green) included to identify the hand foamer and 10 spare filters. You attach these caps to the bottom of the handle. This way you can immediately see which product is in the foamer.

Using the hand foamer

The IK Foam PRO 2 is very easy to use. Pour the desired shampoo or snow foam into the pressure sprayer and add water as desired. Pressurize the device using strokes and spray the foam on the car for a perfect pre-wash. IK Foam Pro 2 is very suitable for pH-neutral products and acids. In addition, you can use the pressure sprayer to a limited extent for alcoholic products and to a very limited extent for alkaline products.

We recommend to rinse the sprayer with water after use, because some products can clump and clog the sprayer.

Product properties

Maximum pressure: 3 bar
Total capacity: 1.9 litres
Useful capacity: 1.5 litres
Litres/min 3 bar: 0.50 l/min
Gross weight: 0.56 kg
Net weight: 0.7 kg

Order the IK Foam PRO 2 

Order your own hand foamer. Fill it with car shampoo or snow foam to quickly clean your car. If you order today before 5:00 PM Dutch time, your IK Foam PRO 2 will be shipped today. Do you have any  questions? Our customer service is here for you! Contact us by telephone at +31 085 022 00 90 or by email at support@polyestershoppen.com. It is also possible to chat with us on Whatsapp.





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