Martin Cox Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

  • 2-in-1 wash mitt
  • For a scratch-free wash
  • Various colours

Want to wash your car safely without scratches? Then use this microfibre wash glove with wiggles! The Martin Cox wash glove contains high-quality microfibre wigglesthat lift the dirt from the surface and hold it between the hairs. This means you will no longer make small scratches when washing your car or other surface.

This microfibre wash mitt contains one side with wiggles and one side with nylon mesh. You can use the side with the net structure to easily remove insect remains without scratching.

Wash mitt with microfibre wiggles

  • The wiggles prevent scratches or swirls during washing.
  • 2 microfibre surfaces (1 side with microfiber bristles and 1 side with nylon mesh for fly debris).
  • Absorbs a lot of water and soap.
  • Washable several times.

What is the difference between washing with a wash mitt and washing with a sponge?

There are a number of major differences between washing with a wash mitt with wiggles and washing with a regular sponge:

  1. A wash mitt absorbs more water and soap than a sponge.
  2. A sponge rubs the dirt over the surface, a wash mitt lifts the dirt and holds it between the fibres so that the dirt does not rub over the surface during washing.
  3. A sponge causes scratches and a wash mitt with wiggles does not.
  4. A wash mitt absorbs more water and soap than a sponge and lasts longer.


Colours: yellow, orange, green
Dimensions: 25.5 x 18 cm

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