Mirka Glass Polishing Kit

  • Complete polishing kit
  • Removes scratches in glass
  • For rotary polishers

Suffering from scratches in glass? Remove and restore large and small scratches on glass with this complete polishing kit. Order the Mirka Glass Polishing Kit here!

Benefits Mirka Glass Polishing Kit

  • Removes both deep and light scratches from glass.
  • Complete set for sanding and polishing glass.
  • Easy to use icm drill or 77 mm rotary sander.
  • Can be used on both normal and tempered glass.

How to sand glass?

You can repair scratches in glass yourself by sanding and then polishing the glass. By sanding, you sand layers out of the glass until it is as deep as the scratch and thus the scratch disappears. Which grit you use to sand depends on the depth of the scratch.

Please note: sanding with a coarser grit will cause the glass to be uneven. Despite being scratch-free, you will see a distortion in the glass. The less coarse you have to sand the less the distortion.

To finally get the glass clear and scratch-free, it is necessary to polish the sanding scratches with a polishing compound. Only sanding scratches of P1000 grit and finer can be polished on glass. So it is important to sand down to at least P1000 grit.

Contents polishing kit 

  • Mirka Abranet SIC 125 mm
    • P80, 2 pcs
    • P120, 2 pcs
    • P150, 2 pcs
    • P180, 2 pcs
    • P240, 2 pcs
    • P320, 2 pcs
    • P400, 2 pcs
  • Mirka Abralon 125 mm
    • P180, 2 pcs
    • P360, 2 pcs
    • P500, 2 pcs
    • P600, 2 pcs
    • P1000, 2 pcs
  • Polishing paste Mirka Polarshine E3, 250 ml (1 piece)
  • Mirka Polarshine felt polishing pad for glass polish (2 pcs)
  • Polishing cloth for glass (1 piece)

Step-by-step plan for glass polishing

    1. Clean the glass surface to be treated very well with a powerful glass cleaner and a high-quality glass cloth, as sanding on a dirty surface can cause irreparable damage.
    2. Determine how deep the scratch is that you want to sand and polish away.
      1. Start with Mirka E3 polish, very light scratches can often be polished away without sanding. If you have a deep scratch, you will always have to sand.
      2. Put the felt polishing pad on your backing pad and put a little Mirka E3 on the polishing pad.
      3. Polish the scratch at a low speed for 5 minutes. Scratch not gone? Then start sanding.
        1. Attach a fine-grit Abranet SIC sanding disc to the backing pad.
        2. Start sanding with a fine grit Abranet SIC (P400) and see if the scratch has disappeared. Is this not the case? Then sand with a slightly coarser grit. Do this until the scratch disappears with the right grit. Tip: do not start immediately with grit P80, because the less you have to sand back to P1000, the better.
        3. Sand for at least 5 minutes per disc and be careful not to press down on the machine. Sand at a low to medium speed. Position 2 to 3 is good.
        4. Tip: for each decreasing coarse sanding, always sand a slightly larger area than the previous coarse, so that you get a nice overflow.
    3. Sand back to P400 with Abranet SIC, skipping 1 grit size each time (5 min. per grit).
    4. Sand with Abralon P360 back to P1000, skipping no grit size (5 min. per grit).
    5. Change the sanding disc with a felt polishing pad and put a fair amount of Mirka Polarshine E3 polishing compound on it.
    6. At the same number of revolutions, polish away the sanding scratches (10 min).
    7. Optional: put a little more polish on the pad if the polish runs out before the 10 minutes have elapsed.
    8. Check the result and polish again where necessary. 

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