Rupes D-A Fine Polishing Pad (fine)

Rupes D-A Fine Polishing Pad (fine)
Rupes D-A Fine Polishing Pad (fine)
  • Medium polishing pad
  • For high gloss polishing
  • For dual action polishing

The Rupes D-A Fine polishing pad is a polishing pad for fine polishing. The special construction of the polishing pad ensures a perfect high-gloss polishing result on various substrates. The yellow pad features a breathable foam layer, so that a Rupes Dual Action polisher actively cools the pad. This promotes polishing pad life and results in a high-quality end result.

Rupes D-A Fine polishing pads are available in three sizes; 80 mm, 130 mm and 150 mm.

Features D-A Fine polishing pad

  • Medium polishing pad (medium foam).
  • Suitable for removing holograms.
  • Brings paintwork to an instant shine.
  • Suitable for any polisher.

Dual Action step-by-step plan

This polishing pad is suitable for polishing according to the Dual Action technique. With this technique no holograms are formed. Use a suitable Dual Action polisher and the correct polishing paste (Rupes D-A Fine) to use the polishing pad effectively.

The Dual Action process consists of only 2 steps.

Step 1: coarse polishing

Use D-A Coarse polishing paste (blue label) in combination with the blue polishing pad to polish coarsely. The wool pad effectively removes sanding scratches, dullness and imperfections.

Step 2: high-gloss polishing

Use D-A Fine polishing paste (yellow label) in combination with the yellow pad after the surface has been polished with the coarse polishing paste. This polishing pad provides a high-gloss result without holograms.

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