Acrystal Aqua

Acrystal Aqua
Acrystal Aqua liquid
Acrystal Aqua powder
Acrystal Aqua
Acrystal Aqua liquid
Acrystal Aqua powder
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Permanently water resistant
  • For laminating and casting

Acrystal Aqua is an easy-to-process laminating and casting product suitable for continuous immersion in water. Thanks to the non-hazardous composition of the components, the material is suitable for use in aquariums. With Acrystal Aqua, you can create the most beautiful back walls and ornaments for your aquarium, as well as objects to be placed outdoors.

Features Acrystal Aqua:

  • For casting or laminating.
  • Can be partly or fully immersed without problems.
  • High surface hardness.
  • Safe for foams such as polystyrene.
  • Can be mixed with fillers for various effects.
  • Safe to use (no fumes, non-toxic).
  • Solvent-free, water-based.

Use of Acrystal Aqua

  • Weigh the components (separately) according to the mixing ratio (1:7). Use scales and a mixing cup.
  • Add the Acrystal Aqua liquid to the powder.
  • Mix again for 2 minutes, until a lump-free substance has been formed. Note: Acrystal Aqua is a very solid mass. Movement will cause it to liquefy.
  • You can now process the Acrystal (processing time 30-45 minutes at 20℃).

Product properties

Packaging: 24 kg
Mixing ratio: 1:7 (parts by weight)
Processing time: 30-45 minutes at 20℃
Colour: ivory white (can be coloured with pigments)

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