Acrystal Prima

Acrystal Prima lamineerkeramiek
Acrystal Prima liquid
Acrystal Prima poeder
Acrystal Prima liquid
Acrystal Prima poeder
Acrystal Prima lamineerkeramiek
Acrystal Prima liquid
Acrystal Prima poeder
Acrystal Prima liquid
Acrystal Prima poeder
  • Safe and simple to use
  • For laminating and casting
  • Various effects possible

Acrystal Prima is a synthetic resin based on plaster-like products (the powder) and an acrylic polymer (the liquid). Acrystal can be compared to Jesmonite or Acrylic One. Processing the acrylic resin is very simple. Mixing the 2 components results in a hard, strong, plaster-like end product.

Acrystal can be used in all silicone moulds. So you can use the acrylic resin for beautiful coasters, figurines, large moulds and much more! After only 30 minutes (depending on the temperature) you can remove the Acrystal from the mould. The Acrystal is fully hardened after a few days. Acrystal is easy to colour with Posca markers.

Tip: for permanent water load, e.g. back walls of aquariums, we recommend Acrystal Aqua.

Benefits of Acrystal Prima

  • Non-hazardous in storage and processing
  • Fast processing (30 minutes)
  • UV resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Non-combustible

Instructions for use of Acrystal

The use of Acrystal is very simple. Follow the next steps and use the mixing ratio: 1 part liquid and 2.5 parts powder (40:100)!

  • Weigh the desired amount of Acrystal Prima liquid in a mixing cup.
  • If desired, add Acrystal retarder or Acrystal pigments (optional).
  • Weigh the correct amount of powder into a mixing cup.
  • Add both components together and mix thoroughly for approximately 30 seconds using an Acrystal mixer.
  • Leave the Acrystal to stand for a while to allow air bubbles to dissolve.
  • The Acrystal Prima is now ready to use!

Product properties

Colour: ivory white
Processing time (without retarder): approx. 8-10 minutes (at 17-20°C)
Processing time (with retarder): approx. 90 minutes (at 17-20°C)
Minimum processing temperature: 12°C
Mixing ratio: 1 part liquid and 2.5 parts powder (40:100)
Pigments: to be coloured in with pigments
Fillers: fill in with various fillers such as sand, marble powder, decorative gravel etc.
UV resistance: very good
Outdoor use: possible after varnishing (use Acrystal Sealer for this)

Packaging Powder (Acrystal Basic Crystal) Fluid (Acrystal Prima)
Set of 1.4 kg 1 kg 0.4 kg
Set of 3.5 kg 2.5 kg 1 kg
Set of 14 kg 10 kg 4 kg
Set of 70 kg 50 kg 20 kg

Larger packages are available on request!

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