Butylene sealant for mounting fittings

Butylene sealant for mounting fittings
Butylene sealant for mounting fittings
  • For mounting fittings
  • Does not dry out
  • Prevents corrosion

Permacol Permakit butyl rubber sealant for waterproof mounting of fittings. This 1-component sealant is easy to use and provides a tough, flexible, permanently waterproof seal under the hardware. Permacol butylene sealant is easy to apply and also easy to remove again.

Features Butylene sealant

Butyl rubber sealant with a very low solvent content. After evaporation of the solvent, a permanently plastic, ageing and weather-resistant sealant with excellent properties is formed. Complete drying depends on temperature and quantity. Due to the high solids content, shrinkage is also limited. Butylene sealant is suitable for many sealing functions but not suitable as a construction adhesive.

  • Clean processing without the use of solvents.
  • Adhesion on many substrates.
  • Permanently plastic.
  • Does not dry out.
  • For both the professional and the do-it-yourselfer.
  • Firm (does not drip off).
  • Prevents contact corrosion (between different metals).
  • Vibration-damping.


You can use Permacol Permakit butyl rubber sealant for the following applications, among others:

  • Mounting fittings on boats.
  • Caravan construction and repair.
  • Sealing between sheet metal parts, metal overlaps etc.
  • Separation layer to prevent contact corrosion.
  • Sealing of rubber-mounted windows.
  • Sealing between wall and screwed aluminium/metal framework.
  • Sealing under screwed-on parts such as decorative strips etc.

Technical properties

Packaging: tube 310 ml
Basis: butyl rubber
Colour: grey
Form: sealant, paste
Specific gravity: approx. 1,37g/cm3
Solids content: approx. 85%.
Stability: good
Application temperature: -30°C - + 80°C (100°C 1 hour)
Application: process with hand sealant gun or air gun for cartridges.
Shelf life: 12 months in closed package (storage 15°C - 20°C)


Process Permacol Permakit butyl rubber sealant in the following manor:

  • Make sure that the parts to be treated are dry, clean, and free of oil and grease (slight traces of moisture, oil and grease may be absorbed by the sealant).
  • Apply the butyl rubber sealant between the parts to be fitted or on one of the parts.
  • Join the parts together (when mounting the parts, the sealant adapts effortlessly, even while tightening screws).
  • Wipe away excess, dry, material (if there is a lot of excess residual material, drying will take longer).

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