Farécla G3 Fine Finishing Compound

Farécla G3 Fine Finishing Compound
Farécla G3 Fine Finishing Compound
  • Fine polishing agent
  • Quickly removes sanding marks
  • Restores slightly oxidized paint

The new Farécla G3 Fine Finish is a fine polishing agent with which you can easily remove holograms, haze, machine deposits and sanding scratches from P3000 from the car paint. In addition, this polish also restores all discolored, slightly oxidized and dull paintwork. Farécla G3 Fine Finishing Compound is very suitable for use on dark colors.

Benefits of G3 Fine Finishing compound

  • Quickly removes P3000 or finer sanding marks.
  • Swirls and holograms are eliminated permanently.
  • Applicable to all types of paints.
  • Provides a visibly deep high gloss.
  • Excellent result on dark paint.

How to use Farécla G3 Fine Finishing Compound

This fine finishing compound can be used in combination with a G Mop Flexible Black Finishing Foam (black). In addition, this product can also be processed manually with a cleaning cloth. You can polish small surfaces manually. We recommend polishing large surfaces by machine. 

  1. Shake the product well before you start.
  2. Apply a small amount of Farécla to the cleaning pad or cleaning fleece.
  3. Rub out the Fine Finish without the machine being turned on.
  4. Polish with the polishing machine at a low speed (do not let the polish dry out).
  5. Wipe the surface clean with a cleaning cloth.

For extra shine, we recommend finishing the surface with G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer and a black pad.


Contents: 500 gram, 1 kg

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