Natusafe (biological cleaner/degreaser)

  • Safe alternative to Acetone
  • No hazard symbols
  • Environmentally friendly

Natusafe is a fast-acting and biodegradable cleaner/degreaser for removing all kinds of contamination in an environment where adhesives, sealants, resins, etc. are used. It is a safe alternative to acetone and all other environmentally harmful solvents that require rapid action. The safe properties of Natusafe contribute to a product that is exceptionally friendly to people and the environment. As a result, the special cleaner ensures an extremely safe working environment. Natusafe is completely free of aromatics and halogens and has a pleasant and subtle aroma. What is special about Natusafe is that it does not require any hazard symbols.

Environmentally conscious degreaser (bio degreaser)

After thorough research, Eco-Point has successfully developed a biodegradable product: a solution that can quickly and effectively remove various types of ink, glue and paint. Using Natusafe leads to a cleaner, safer and more pleasant working environment, especially in small spaces and workshops. This bio cleaner, without any classification labels, offers the ideal solution when quick and safe action is required. This applies in situations where the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and delivered dry. Natusafe is a responsible alternative to substances such as ethyl acetate, acetone, brake cleaner, gasoline and thinners.

Degreaser for DD Paint

Natusafe is an excellent biological degreaser for Double Coat DD Paint. By properly cleaning the surface, you ensure optimal adhesion between the surface and the paint. This makes Natusafe an environmentally friendly alternative to Double Coat degreaser.

Benefits Natusafe

  • Does not require any hazard symbols.
  • Free from CMR substances (e.g. aromatics such as benzene and toluene) and from CFCs (such as trichloroethane and methylene chloride).
  • Excellent degreasing effect and leaves no residue.
  • Human, environmental and material friendly.
  • Safe on all metals and many plastics.
  • Partly miscible with water, which can reduce consumption.

Areas of application

Natusafe is suitable for various areas of application. The biological cleaner is suitable for degreasing, removing and cleaning various greases, oils, inks, glues, latexes and paints/coatings. Natusafe is the solution for:

  • Cleaning/degreasing parts, tools and machines.
  • Cleaning/degreasing ball bearings, chains, conveyor belts.
  • Degreasing metals and plastics (first test plastic for resistance).
  • Removing stickers and adhesive and sealant residues.
  • Cleaning filters.
  • Contaminated surfaces that need to be cleaned quickly and without residue.


Contents: 500 ml

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