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Are you already familiar with Resi-Blast effect fluid? Perhaps you have seen a painting or work of art with those cell effects and wondered how it was made. You can easily make this yourself using Resi-Blast effect fluid! In this article you can read what Resi-Blast is and how you can use it for your Resin Art.

What is Resi-Blast?

Resi-Blast is an effect liquid that creates amazing effects in your epoxy artwork. Resi-Blast is mainly used for creating "cells" in epoxy. The powerful effect liquid is very easy to use. You only need a single drop to create a cool cell effect in almost any epoxy resin. In addition to creating a cell effect, this product is also used for making eyes, lace, flowers and island formation.

Benefits of Resi-Blast

  • Creates beautiful "cell effects" in your Resin Art artwork.
  • Very powerful and effective (one drop is enough).
  • Suitable for almost any epoxy resin.
  • Non-toxic.

How to use Resi-Blast (making cells)

Resi-Blast is very easy to use in different ways. You only need a few drops of Resi-Blast for really cool effects. For example, you can use the effect liquid before pouring or after pouring. The effects of Resi-Blast are immediately visible, you can 'steer' the cells or speed up the process with a hot air gun, hair dryer, straw or gas burner.

Using Resi-Blast before casting

  • Prepare the epoxy according to the mixing ratio on the package.
  • Add pigments of your choice.
  • Add a drop of Resi-Blast to the mixture.
  • Pour the epoxy over the substrate or into the mould.
  • Brush over the surface with a hot air gun, hair dryer, gas torch, etc. to affect the cells.
  • Allow the epoxy to cure thoroughly for about 24 hours. Using Resi-Blast after you have cast.

Using Resi-Blast after casting 

  • Prepare the epoxy according to the mixing ratio on the package.
  • Add pigments of your choice.
  • Pour the epoxy over the surface or into the mould.
  • Add a few drops (spread over the surface) to the wet epoxy.
  • Brush over the surface with a hot air gun, blow dryer, gas torch, etc. to affect the cells.
  • Let the epoxy cure well for about 24 hours.

In our opinion, you get the best effect if you add Resi-Blast (do so only in a some colours, not in all colours as it won't work) before you have cast. Definitely try it out for yourself and experiment with the different techniques! In the video below, Leen shows you how to use the effect liquid in different ways. Curious about the results of the techniques? Then be sure to watch the video! In the description of the video you can see which products were used.

Buy Resi-Blast?

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