Plexus MA8105 Methacrylate adhesive

Plexus MA8105
Plexus MA8105
  • Plexus methacrylate glue
  • Mixing ratio 1:1
  • Contents: 50 ml

Plexus MA8105 is an advanced two-component methacrylate adhesive. The adhesive has been developed for the structural bonding of various metals, plastics and composite constructions. MA8105 does a superb job of bonding of metals, engineered thermoplastics (including polyamides), and composite assemblies with little to no surface preparation. Little to no surface preparation is required to use this adhesive. Combined at a 1:1 ratio by volume, this product offers a unique combination of low odor, high-strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance.



Plexus MA8105 is suitable for bonding the following surfaces:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • ABS
  • FRP (polyester)
  • CRS
  • G70
  • Polyamide (nylon)

Instructions for use

For optimal results, take the following conditions into account when working with Plexus MA8105:

  1. To ensure maximum bond strength, surfaces must be mated within the specified processing time.
  2. Use sufficient material to fill the joint completely when parts are mated and fixed. 
  3. Apply adhesive using handheld cartridges or automatic meter/mix/dispense equipment.
  4. Load the cartridge into the dispenser and remove the end caps.
  5. Attach mixing tip and dispense a mixer's length of adhesive.
  6. Apply adhesive to the substrate and mate the parts within the work time of the adhesive.
  7. Fix in position until sufficient bond strength is achieved.

Technical properties 

Packaging: 50 ml
Mixing ratio:
Application gun:
Mixing tube:
Pot life after mixing (15°C): 5-7 minutes
Time to reach initial strength (15°C): 12-16 minutes

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