Rapido Instant Setting Art Resin

Rapido Instant Art Resin (package)
Rapido Instant Art Resin
Rapido Instant Art Resin (2)
Rapido Instant Art Resin (3)
Rapido Instant Art Resin (package)
Rapido Instant Art Resin
Rapido Instant Art Resin (2)
Rapido Instant Art Resin (3)
  • Extremely rapid curing
  • Easy to use
  • Contents: 500 grams

Rapido Resin is an extremely fast setting, pourable resin for creating extraordinary art. Experience a completely different way of working with resin with Rapido. Mix and pour in the usual way, but this is where the similarities to traditional resins end, Rapido sets super fast so that you can create amazing three dimensional sculptures in seconds. Create cup art, frozen waterfalls and sculptures of any shape with Rapido Resin.

Benefits Rapido Instant Setting Art Resin

  • Super-fast setting (45-60 seconds).
  • Easily coloured with pigments (pigments must not be water based).
  • Changes its consistency very quickly from liquid to gel to hard.

Instructions for use 

Working with Rapido Instant Art Resin is very easy if you follow the following steps:

  • If desired, add selected pigments to the resin before adding the hardener. Use Resi-Tint MAX pigment paste, for example.
  • Mix pigmented resin and hardener together in a 1:1 ratio by weight for about two minutes. You will feel the exothermic reaction begin immediately, the mixing cup will get warmer and warmer during mixing.
  • You can now process the Rapido resin. We recommend always making a test cast to experience how the product works.
  • Hold your mixing resin structure in place for about 5 to 10 minutes to make sure everything stays in place.
  • The resin is touch dry after about 15 minutes and is fully cured after 24 hours.
Please note: the resin will thicken immediately after mixing and the mixing cup may get quite hot as a result. Don't worry, this is a normal reaction and the mixture will not boil or burn.


Contents: 500 grams
Brand: Eli-Chem
Mix ratio: 1:1 (by weight)
Working time: 45-60 seconds at 22°C
Touch dry: after approx. 15 minutes
Fully cured: after 24 hours
Shelf life: 12 months in closed packaging

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