Resi-Tint MAX

Resi-Tint MAX compilation
Resi-Tint MAX compilation 2
Resi-Tint MAX compilation 3
Resi-Tint MAX compilation
Resi-Tint MAX compilation 2
Resi-Tint MAX compilation 3
  • In 50 and 100 gr. pack
  • Perfect for ResinArt
  • Wide range of colours

Resi-Tint MAX is a pigment paste which is available in over 20 colours. The pigment paste is very powerful and easy to use. With approximately 3% pigment you can easily colourize epoxy in the desired colour. The Resin Art pigments come in more than 20 colours that you can easily mix with each other. This way you can make your Resin Art unique! Resi-Tint Max also works very well with Resi-Blast allowing you to create amazing cell effects.

Resi-Tint pigment paste is suitable for almost any epoxy resin. You can combine Resi-Tint MAX perfectly with RESION UV EpoxyMasterCast and the RESION UV Resin Art series.

Tip: pigment paste is also available in 10 beautiful sets of RESION pastel shades!

Benefits of Resi-Tint MAX

  • Very powerful (easily creates an opaque colour)
  • Available in more than 20 colours
  • Colours can be mixed with each other
  • Suitable for any epoxy resin
  • Reacts well to Resi-Blast

How to use pigment paste

Resi-Tint MAX and other pigment pastes are very easy to use. 

  • Weigh the epoxy accurately with a scale. Keep to the mixing ratio as precise as possible.
  • Mix both components well for about 3 minutes. Also scrape well along the bottom and side of the mixing cup.
  • Now add about 3% Resi-Tint MAX to the epoxy to get a nice opaque colour.
  • Mix the pigment paste well with the epoxy and process as desired.

Product properties

Packaging: 50 and 100 grams
Shelf life: 2 years
Dosage: 3% based on epoxy weight

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