Coltech GripElast anti-slip coating

Coltech GripElast anti-slip coating
Coltech GripElast anti-slip coating
  • Rubbery non-slip coating
  • Easy processing
  • Waterborne and fast drying

Coltech GripElast is a rubberised anti-slip coating speacially developed for boat decks, cockpits and other areas where anti-slip is required. This 1-component antiskid coating is easy to apply with a roller and is fast drying. The coating is water-based and therefore does not emit a strong odour during application. After curing, it creates a strong, tough elastic material that provides good grip and is pleasant to walk on.

Use of Coltech GripElast anti-slip coating 

Before you start applying the anti-slip paint, first sand the surface with 60-100 grit paper and degrease with DD Lacquer degreaser. After this, stir the GripElast well per pot (2-3 minutes). Apply with a glue comb with 0.5-2 mm teeth. A thinner layer gives a flatter antiskid, a thicker layer gives a rougher antiskid. Dilute GripElast with 5-10% water (optional). Then roll over with a textured roller which has been specially selected for the application of this material. Allow the antiskid coating to cure for approximately 48 hours.

For cockpit floors, surfboards, longboards, etc. we recommend applying one layer. For heavier loads, such as decks, fishing boats, work boats, etc., we recommend applying two coats. 

Benefits of Coltech GripElast anti-slip coating

  • Easy to apply.
  • Comfortable to walk on and good anti-slip properties.
  • UV and seawater resistant.
  • Very durable and elastic.
  • Great appearance.

GripElast is suitable for:

  • Sailboats, motor boats and fishing boats.
  • Surfboards and skateboards.
  • Steel, polyester and aluminum boats.
  • Terraces and decks, both in marinas and at home.


Packaging: 750 ml tin
Consumption: approx. 1.5 m2 per can per layer (0.5 litres per m2)
Curing: approx. 24-48 hours
Full load: 7 days
Colour: white and grey

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