Sika Primer-209 N

Sika Primer-209D
Sika Primer-209D
  • Moisture-curing primer
  • Easy to process
  • Contents: 250 ml

With Sika Primer 209-N, you form a thin layer as a bond between the substrate and the adhesive. The black primer has a solvent base and is moisture-curing. This Sika primer is specially formulated for treating adhesive surfaces before applying Sika's 1-component polyurethanes (e.g. Sikaflex 295UV). The low viscosity primer can provide excellent adhesion to certain plastic substrates, without a preliminary activation step.

Sika Primer 209-N is suitable for many plastics and lacquers such as Epoxy, Plexiglas (PMMA) and Lexan. We recommend always carrying out prior tests with the actual conditions of the substrates to determine adhesion and compatibility of the adhesive and material.

Benefits of Sika Primer-209 N

  • Improves adhesion to plastic or paint.
  • Easy to apply by brush or roller.
  • Moisture curing and low viscosity.

Application method

  • Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease, oil dust and other contaminants before applying  Sika Primer-209 N. You can improve the adhesion on substrates by applying and/or combining a pretreatment process, such as roughening, cleaning and activation.
  • Shake the can of primer very thoroughly until mixing ball rattles freely.
  • Then continue to shake for another minute (ideal processing temperature is between 15°C and 25°C).
  • Now apply a thin but covering coat so that a proper sealing layer is formed. Apply only once. Care must be taken to ensure that this single application gives adequately dense coverage.
  • Close the packaging carefully immediately after each use.

Consumption and method of depend on the specific characteristics of the substrate and the production process.


Contents: 30 ml, 250 ml
Colour: black
Solids content: 30%
Processing temperature: 5-40 °C
Application method: brush, felt or foam applicator
Consumption: 50 ml/m2
Chemical base: solvent-based polyurethane solution
Shelf life:
 9 months (stored in sealed container in up-right position in a dry place)

Read the technical documentation for more (important) information.


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