Tikal Tef-Gel screw paste

Tikal Tef-Gel screw paste
Tikal Tef-Gel screw cardoard and tube
Tikal Tef-Gel (300 gr)
Tikal Tef-Gel screw paste
Tikal Tef-Gel screw cardoard and tube
Tikal Tef-Gel (300 gr)
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion
  • Very easy to use
  • Protects aluminum

Tikal Tef-Gel (TK-TG10) prevents corrosion between different metals. For example, you can mount stainless steel fittings on aluminium poles without any problems. Tikal Tef-Gel also prevents nuts from sticking to bolts due to so-called "cold welding". This sometimes happens with stainless steel, Inconel or other bolts and nuts containing nickel. The application of Tef-Gel prevents this. The 40% PTFE in the screw paste functions as lubricant and insulator. Because Tef-Gel does not dry out, nuts can still be removed without problems even years later. As a result, the product provides an impermeable layer that prevents (sea) water from forming a galvanic cell. Tikal Tef-Gel is used, among other things, for a screw in aluminium, a rivet in aluminium or for bolts and nuts. 

Instructions for use

Use a small brush or plastic spatula to apply a thin layer of Tef-Gel between both metals and in the drill holes. Make sure that all parts of the different metals that touch each other are coated with Tef-Gel. Also apply the screw paste to the bolts, nuts or rivets. Then mount the hardware and wipe off any excess paste with turpentine or WD-40.


  • 10 grams tube 
  • 60 grams tin
  • 500 grams tin

The 10 grams tube comes with instructions and an applicator.

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