Hexion L635 laminating resin

Hexion L635 laminating resin
Hexion L635 laminating resin (Base)
Hexion L635 laminating resin (hardener)
Hexion L635 laminating resin
Hexion L635 laminating resin (Base)
Hexion L635 laminating resin (hardener)
  • High-quality laminating resin
  • Temperature resistant: 80°C
  • Mixing ratio: 100:30

Hexion MGS L635 epoxy series is a high-quality two-component (hand) laminating resin for various applications. This epoxy resin is used for wind turbine blades, boats, motorsport, moulds, industrial products, sporting goods, etc. Hexion MGS L635 is one of Hexion's most human-friendly high-tech resins.

Hexion's laminating resin also has an increased heat resistance of around 50°C without postcure and 80°C with postcure.


  • Solvent-free
  • Potlife of 15-300 minutes
  • Good curing at room temperature
  • Crystallization free
  • Very good adhesion and therefore ideal for repairs
  • Not sensitive to high humidity
  • Thixotropic, does not sag out from verical laminates
  • Human friendly due to selected raw materials
  Processing time
Mixing ratio Mixing ratio Discharge time
Resin RIMR635 100g / 20°C Weight Volume After curing at 20°C After postcure 60°C
Hardener RIMH633 15 minutes 100:30 100:34 8-10 hours 80°C
Hardener RIMH635 40 minutes 100:30 100:33 18-24 hours 80°C
Hardener RIMH637 300 minutes 100:30 100:37 48 hours 80°C

Product properties

Brand: Hexion
Heat resistance:
Mixing ratio: 100:30 (based on weight)
Processing time: 15-300 minutes

  • Set of 1.3 kg
  • Set of 6.5 kg
  • Set of  26 kg
  • Set of 260 kg

TIP: for jerry cans (from 6.5 kg sets), use a tap.

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