The use of epoxy in the construction and maintenance of wind turbines

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources. Wind turbines, which are at the heart of this sector, are technological marvels that can withstand extreme conditions. Epoxy plays a crucial role in both the construction and maintenance of these turbines.

Construction of wind turbine blades

The blades of a wind turbine are essential for its efficiency. They must be both light and strong. Epoxy resins, combined with reinforcing fibers such as glass or carbon, provide optimal balance. These composites provide light, durable blades that can withstand heavy wind loads and other external factors.

Protection against weather influences

The external components of wind turbines are constantly exposed to the elements. Epoxy coatings provide protection against UV radiation, salt water (for offshore turbines) and other corrosive factors. This protective layer helps extend the life of the turbines and reduce maintenance costs.

Repair and maintenance

Over time, wind turbines can show signs of wear and tear. Epoxy resins are ideal for repairs because they cure quickly and provide a strong bond. Whether it concerns filling cracks in the blades or repairing damaged parts of the tower, epoxy provides a durable solution.

In our product range you will find two types of epoxies from Westlake. You can use this for repair and maintenance of the wind turbines. Westlake RIM 135 Injection Resin has a low viscosity and good cure at room temperature. This classified epoxy is ideal for yacht building and repair of wind turbine blades. Westlake L635 Laminating Resin is very heat resistant and has good adhesion, making it ideal for repairs. In addition, the laminating resin is not sensitive to high humidity.

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Foundations and anchoring

The stability of a wind turbine is crucial. Epoxy-based grouts and anchoring systems are used to create a solid foundation. Especially for offshore turbines, where the foundations must be able to withstand both the force of the wind and the sea, epoxy offers a reliable solution. This is very specialized work.

Innovations in epoxy for wind energy

As the wind energy sector grows, the technology behind it also evolves. There are now epoxy resins specifically developed for wind turbines. These new formulations offer improved performance, such as increased flexibility or faster curing times, which is essential for fast repairs.


If you are considering using epoxy in your wind energy projects or if you would like to learn more about the versatile applications of this material, Polyestershoppen is the place to start. With a wide range of products and a team of experts ready to advise you, we ensure you get the right solutions for your specific needs. Visit our business page for more information or contact us directly. We are ready to help you with every step of your project.

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