Farécla Scratch Removal Set (small)

Farécla Krasverwijderset handmatig small
Farécla Krasverwijderset handmatig small
  • Remove scratches manually
  • Handmatig krassen verwijderen
  • Silicone free

With the Farécla Scratch Remover Set (small) you can easily remove small scratches from the paintwork of your car, caravan or boat. This complete set contains all the necessary products to effortlessly DIY.

Farécla Scratch Removal Set (small)

  • Suitable for all paint types and surfaces.
  • Professional products for guaranteed success.
  • Affordable price.
  • Remove scratches in three steps.

Contents of the scratch removal set

Step-by-step plan for using the scratch remover, wash and wax set

The Farécla scratch removal set is easy to use. Follow the step-by-step plan below for optimal results.

  1. Clean. Clean the surface and wash it with a good shampoo, such as Farécla G3 Pro Shampoo.
  2. Remove the scratch. Apply a small amount of Farécla G3 Pro Scratch Remover to the white handpad and rub the scratch in circular and straight directions. The circular movement in combination with the straight direction ensures that the scratches are included and removed from all sides. Do this until the scratch is gone. Add a little more scratch remover if the scratch doesn't disappear in 1 go.
  3. Polish with the cloth. Wipe away the residue thoroughly with a clean Farécla microfibre cloth.
  4. Done! The surface is now clean and scratch-free and shines like new again.     

In case of excessive use, we recommend that you first spread the scratch remover with the black cleaning pad that is included in the package.

Regular maintenance helps keep the surface looking great. Farécla G3 Pro Rapid Detailer will do the job. This spray contains shampoo and wax. Spray, let it work, rub off and your car, boat or caravan is like new again.

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