Westlake/Hexion RIM135 Injection Resin

Hexion RIM135 Injectable resin (RIMH134)
Hexion RIM135 Injectable resin (RIMH137)
Hexion RIM135 Injectable resin (RIMH134)
Hexion RIM135 Injectable resin (RIMH137)
  • Suitable for vacuum injection
  • Can be loaded to 80 degrees
  • Low viscosity

Are you looking for an epoxy injection resin for your project? At Polyestershoppen, epoxy wholesaler, you will always find a wide range of epoxy. This includes Westlake/Hexion RIM135 injection Resin. This Epikote Resin MGS is an epoxy resin with low viscosity and good curing at room temperature. The injection resin comes with various hardeners, which allow you to modify the processing properties and features of Epikote as desired. Thus, the processing time is adjustable from 25 minutes to approx. 5 hours. The hardeners are mutually miscible.

Features Westlake/Hexion Injection Resin

  • Low-viscosity epoxy.
  • Available with various hardeners to modify properties.
  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd.
  • Suitable for yacht building and wind turbine blades.

Epoxy with high temperature resistance

Fabricated parts can be unloaded from the mould and machined after curing at room temperature. Short curing times at high mould temperatures are possible up to 100ºC. After postcure, the resin can be used for workpieces loaded up to 80°C.

The epoxy for wind turbine blades and yacht building

Westlake/Hexion RIM135 is certified by the German classification society 'Germanischer Lloyd'. With this certification, Epikote Resin MGS is extremely suitable for yacht building and the construction and repair of wind turbine blades.

Technical properties

  Pot life Mixing ratio Mixing ratio Discharge time Tg
Resin RIMR135 100g / 20°C Weight Volume After curing at 20°C After postcure 60°C
Hardener RIMH134 25 minutes 100:30 100:35 8-10 hours 80°C
Hardener RIMH1366 210 minutes 100:30 100:35 18-24 hours  80°C
Hardener RIMH137 300 minutes 100:30 100:35 48 hours 80°C

Brand: Westlake (formerly Hexion)
Pot life: 25 - 300 minutes
Mixing ratio: 100:30
Cure time: 8 - 48 hours

  • Set of 1.3 kg
  • Set of 6.5 kg
  • Set of 26 kg
  • Set of 292.5 kg

TIP: for jerry cans (from 6.5 kg sets), use a tap.

See the technical documentation for more technical properties of Hexion Injection Resin.








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