How do I clean my materials?

If you work with polyester and epoxy resins on a regular basis, it is customary to clean all tools such as vent rollers, japan spatulas etc. after your job. That way, you can use them again the next time. In this article, you can read how to clean the various auxiliary materials.

Cleaning brushes and rollers  

You can easily clean brushes and rollers with acetone after use. Just place the brush or roller in a mixing cup filled with acetone and press the resin out of it. Some customers do not wash brushes and rollers because buying a new brush or roller is less expensive than buying acetone (or another cleaning agent) and investing in labour hours.

Please note: when the acetone evaporates, the residual resin on the roller or brush can still partially harden. Therefore, make sure you rinse the roller or brush well with acetone and make sure no resin residue remains on it.

In practice, a bucket with a lid is very effective. Make sure the bucket contains a good layer of acetone. Brushes, rollers and tools can be cleaned in the bucket. Keep the lid closed as much as possible to prevent the acetone from evaporating. If you often use polyester or epoxy, you can also make use of two buckets: one with dirty acetone and one with clean acetone. First, rinse the brush or roller in the dirty acetone and then in the clean acetone. Do this until the clean acetone has become too dirty. Then prepare a new bucket of clean acetone.

Clean your vent rollers and putty knives quickly and effectively

You can clean vent rollers and other tools by rinsing them out in acetone, possibly using a brush. Resin may have gotten between roller and roller bracket. It is better to dismantle the vent rollers (there is a screw on the end of the bracket on most rollers) and then rinse them well.

Have you used epoxy resin? Then use vinegar and a brush or brush to clean your tools. This way, your vent rollers and putty knives will always stay in top condition!

Remove spilt resin

If you spill resin while working, you can easily clean it with a cloth and a small dose of acetone.

CAUTION: acetone is highly flammable and the vapour is bad for your health. Do not smoke and please avoid open flames (geysers!). Ventilate well and do not inhale the fumes. Use a vapour mask if necessary.

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