Mirka Polarshine 15 Polishing Compound (medium)

Mirka Polarshine 15 (250 ml)
Mirka Polarshine 15 (1 liter)
Mirka Polarshine 15 (250 ml)
Mirka Polarshine 15 (1 liter)
  • Medium coarse polishing compound
  • Gives a very deep shine
  • Quick and efficient

This advanced cutting formulation is the quick and easy polishing option for efficiently producing a premium surface finish on both freshly applied and established paintwork. Mirka 15 Polishing Compound will remove sanding scratches from P1500 and finer depending on application and polishing pad. Is also suitable for repairing oxidized surfaces and car wash scratches. Rather than cover up scratches, Polarshine 15 actually polishes them out before your eyes to leave a first-class gleam. It is cost effective, safe and easy to use. 

Benefits of Mirka Polarshine 15

  • Medium coarse polishing compound.
  • Emulsifying properties reduce the risk of surface drying or overheating.
  • Gives a very deep shine.
  • Very fast and permanently efficient polishing agent.

Instructions for use

Mirka Polarshine 15 is designed to be used for machine applications but can also be processed manually with the Farécla applicator waffle pads. However, for the best result, we recommend applying this polish by machine in combination with a Mirka lambskin polishing pad. The aggressiveness of lambswool in combination with this medium-coarse polishing agent gives the optimal result.  

Working with lambswool may leave holograms on the surface. We therefore recommend that you refinish Mirka Polarshine 15 with Mirka Polarshine 3, if necessary. This polish removes the last holograms and protects the surface with high-quality carnauba wax.


Contents: 250 ml, 1 litre
Density: 1.3 g/ml
PH: 7-8

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