Propspeed Airmar FoulFree Transducer Coating Kit

Propspeed Airmar FoulFree Transducer Coating Kit
Foulfree kit
Foul vs foulfree
Propspeed Airmar FoulFree Transducer Coating Kit
Foulfree kit
Foul vs foulfree
  • Foulfree system for transducer
  • Biocide-free
  • Contents: 15 ml & 200 ml

Fouling or dirt on the surface of transducers can negatively affect their functionalities. For example, it reduces sensitivity, bottom echo returns and the intensity of fish targeting. Keep your transducer performig at its peak with FoulFree. The patented clear coating forms a smooth surface that marine growth cannot grab onto. This keeps the surface of your transducer clean and clear.

The revolutionary product is developed based on a foul-release coating and certified by Airmar. The set comes with scouring sponge, brush and cleaning wipes. So you can get started right away!

Benefits of Propspeed Airmar FoulFree kit

  • Biocide-free.
  • Excellent antifouling properties.
  • Long lifespan and easy to paint over.

Contents Propspeed Airmar FoulFree kit

Propspeed's FoulFree Transducer Coating kit consists of the following products:

Product Quantity/contents
Scouring pad 1
XD Clean 1
XD Prime 1
Brush 1
Propspeed Clear Coat 15 ml

Instructions for use

Product properties

Packaging: 15 ml & 200 ml
Colour: transparent
Gloss: high gloss
Consumption: 12 m²/litre
Application: by brush
Shelf life: 36 months
Adhesive-free: 20 minutes (at 20°C)
Curing time: 8 hours (at 20°C)
Can be painted over: between 8 hours and 5 days

View the technical documentation for more information on the properties and processing of Propspeed FoulFree Coating.

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