FixMaster Gravel Bonding Resin

FixMaster Gravel Bonding Resin
Gravel Bonding Resin
FixMaster Gravel Bonding Resin
Gravel Bonding Resin
  • Fixes gravel in gardens
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contents: 5 kg (set)

Gravel Bonding Resin fixes gravel in gardens and planters and binds gravel for walkways and driveways.

When rainwater falls on a paved surface, it needs to drain away or the water flows across the surface forming pools, adding to the flood risk and cracking. Conventional solid surfaces are impermeable but split and gravel surfaces avoid this problem as water flows freely through the small stones and into the groubd. The downside to gravel is that it can be messy due to movement and difficult for pushchairs or wheelchairs. 

Resin bound systems create many small gaps that allow water to drain through into the ground. Gravel Bonding Resin is specifically formulated for resin bound installations of driveways, paths and patios, our 5 kilo kit can be mixed with 40-50 kilos of specialist aggregate of 1-5 mm, which are available to create a surface as strong as concrete. A resin bound system will typically be laid at 15 mm thick over an existing sub-base to create a firm surface.

This product can also be used as a resin bonded system where the resin is applied to the substrate and the gravel is scattered across the surface.

Benefits of FixMaster Gravel Bonding Resin

  • Replicates the drainage and appearance of loose gravel.
  • Has the durability and usability of block paving.
  • Environmentally friendly and reduces flood risk when used as a gravel bound system.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Attractive finish.
  • Easy maintenance.

Instuctions for use

Make sure the surface to be treated is clean, dry and grease-free. The gravel or split material must also be thoroughly dry.

First stir the resin and hardener individually and them combine the resin and hardener and mix for 3-5 minutes using an mechanical mixer (spiral mixer). Ensure you work around the sides and base so all liquid is incorporated to ensure thorough and complete mixing. 

You can use Gravel Bonding Resin in different ways for example resin bound or resin bonded. The ideal processing temperature for using Gravel Bonding Resin is between 15°C en 25°C. At this temperature the best results are obtained.

  • Resin bound: add the gravel and mixed resin at a ratio of 1 part mixed material to 8 to 10 parts gravel. Mix with a mechanical mixer for 3-5 minutes. When fully mixed empty the contents into a barrow and apply to the area. Rake, tramp and trowel smooth as required.

  • Resin bonded spread a layer of resin to a suitable surface and cover with loose aggregrate. Once cured the remaining loose stones can be removed by sweeping the surface. Thickness is governed bij aggregrate size. 1-3 mm aggregrate will have a nominla depth of gives a layer of about 4 mm. With resin bonded gravel surfaces it is important that proper drainage is installed to prevent flooding. 


Contents: set of 5 kg (base + hardener)
concrete, screeds, asphalt and tarmac
Pot life: approx. 40 minutes (at 15°C)
Curing times (20°C): Light traffic 24 hours, Full Use: 48 hours, Full cure 5 - 7 days
Fully cured: 5-7 days
Coverage (resin bound): 5 kg resin kit mixed with 50 kg of aggregrate will cover 5 m2 @ 10 mm 
Coverage (resin bonded): 5 kg resin kit will cover 7-8 m2 @ 0.7 mm 
Shelf life: 1 year in sealed containers



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