Farécla G Mop High Cut Foam (hard)

Farécla G Mop High Cut Foam (150mm)
Farécla G Mop High Cut Foam (200mm)
Farécla G Mop High Cut Foam (75mm)
Farécla G Mop High Cut Foam (150mm)
Farécla G Mop High Cut Foam (200mm)
Farécla G Mop High Cut Foam (75mm)
  • Foam polishing pad
  • Hard pad
  • For coarse polishing agent

The Farécla G Mop High Cut Foam (hard) is a very stiff and hard polishing pad that has been specially developed for use in combination with Farécla G3 Premium Abrasive Compound. You can use this pad for cleaning and polishing all types of paint. This hard polishing pad is available in variants of ø75 mm, ø150 mm, ø200 mm.

Features Farécla G-Mop High Cut Foam

  • Long lifespan.
  • High cut and rapid, superb gloss
  • Builds up heat less quickly.
  • Velcro attachment.
  • Can be combined with Farécla G3 Premium.

Use of hard polishing pads

This hard polishing pad has been developed to cut into the paint even faster and more aggressively, so that this 'high cut' polishing pad in combination with Farécla G3 Premium achieves an unprecedentedly fast and professional result by removing sanding scratches of P1500 and finer in one step. This pad lasts much longer than other polishing pads due to innovative adjustments.

Why use a hard polishing pad

Unique to this hard polishing pad is that the polishing sponge has the character of a lambswool pad with a 'high cut' character and minimal heat development. This pad is made of very stiff foam, which means that the pad breaks down the abrasive particles in the polish very quickly. In addition, this pad has a slightly open cell structure, which means that the pad heats up less quickly during polishing. Due to the minimal heat development, this pad does not quickly burn through the paint and is therefore user-friendly.


Packaging: 1 pack

  • 75 mm (red)
  • 150 mm (white)
  • 200 mm (white)

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