DIY| Roofing with Impermax

Impermax B1K and Impermax LY are both 1-component liquid waterproofing compositions that can be used for many applications such as waterproofing roof penetrations or entire roofs. In this article you can read more about the differences between the two types and discover how to process Impermax yourself!

Benefits of Impermax roofing

  • Easy to apply with a paint roller and brush.
  • Increases the efficiency of solar panels at lower temperatures.
  • Fully adheres to the substrate, it does not need to be nailed, burned or glued.
  • Leaks of damage are easy to repair.
  • Easy to apply on sloping edges, roof penetrations and skylights.
  • Minimal risk of fire because you're not working with open flames.
  • Rapidly waterproof, almost immediately rainproof.

Black liquid roofing (Impermax B1K)

Impermax B1K is a high quality roofing material. It consists of a 1-component polyurethane-bitumen with solvents which creates a seamless and waterproof membrane. Impermax B1K can be used for various applications and is easy to apply over existing roofs, directly on bitumen, PVC, EPDM and wood without primer.

Impermax B1K can also be used to repair old roofs by covering them, either completely or just to fill in details such as cracks. You can easily apply one coat with a consumption of 1 kg/m2, allowing you to modernise your old roof. A 2-layer system with Impermax fleece is equivalent to a full-fledged roof covering with a consumption of 2.5 kg/m².

White liquid roofing (Impermax LY)

Impermax LY is a white roofing material. It forms an aromatic, waterproof polyurethane membrane on roofs, balconies and terraces. Thanks to its white colour, it retains less heat and reflects sunlight. This means that solar panels perform even better at low temperatures. Efficiency increases by up to 10%, making Impermax LY an ideal roof covering for solar panels.

The LY in the name stands for Light Yellowing. As it is an aromatic system, it discolours slightly over time.

How to use Impermax

Both types of Impermax are applied in the same way and are easy to use. For optimum adhesion, we recommend working on a flat surface free of dust, loose particles, oil, etc. Cracks should first be repaired with Impermax non-woven. Please process Impermax at a minimum temperature of 5°C. Always wear covering clothing when working with Impermax.


Please note: we recommend replacing the non-woven roller after approximately 15 minutes.

1-coat system

Consumption: 1 kg/m2

  • Open the can and mix the contents with a spiral mixer until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
  • After mixing, leave the contents to stand for a while to allow air bubbles to form.
  • Apply the roofing with a roller and brush.
  • Then leave to harden for at least 4 to 8 hours.

2-coat system

Consumption: 2.5 kg/m2

  • Open the can and mix the contents with a spiral mixer until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
  • After mixing, leave the contents to stand for a moment to allow air bubbles to form.
  • Apply a coat of 1 kg/m2 with a roller.
  • Lay the glass fleece in the wet layer of Impermax and roll it firmly into the material with another 0.5 kg/m2.
  • Allow an overlap of around 10 cm for the next job.
  • Leave this layer to dry for 24 hours.
  • Then apply the 2nd coat of 1 kg/m2.

Under normal conditions, the membrane will reach 90% of its full properties within three days. After 1 or 2 days, it can be walked on. Optimum hardness is reached after 10-15 days.

Costs compared to the costs of a roofing company

Use the table to compare the prices you pay on average for a roofing company and for applying Impermax yourself!

Roofing company per m2 From € 50,- to € 150,- per m2
Impermax 1 coat per m2 From € 7,99 to € 15,99 per m2
Impermax 2 coats per m2 From € 10,99 to € 18,99 per m2

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