DIY | Removing air bubbles from epoxy with RESION Bubble Burst

You've probably experienced it before: you've just poured epoxy and then those little bubbles appear on the surface. There are several ways to remove these bubbles very easily. One of those ways is to use RESION Bubble Burst. In this article you will read about the benefits of this alcohol spray and how to use it. Do you have questions about our products or can we advise you on your project? Feel free to contact our customer service team!

What are the advantages of Bubble Burst?

You may be thinking, "you can just remove bubbles with a gas burner, right?" That's right, you can remove air bubbles just fine with a gas burner or lighter as well. So why would you need to use Bubble Burst? Bubble Burst is simply "safer" to use! This is because when you brush over the epoxy surface with a gas torch, you run a number of small risks:

1) with a gas burner, you must always be careful not to hold the burner in the same spot for too long. This is because if you do, there is a chance of burning the epoxy to the mold. As a result, you can barely get the cured epoxy out of the mold without tearing it apart.

2) With a burner, you run a small risk of overheating the epoxy. This results in a smoking substance that quickly yellows. This will render your epoxy unusable. The chances of this happening are not very high but you still want to avoid this.

Advantages Bubble Burst

  • Easily removes bubbles from epoxy.
  • Does not damage epoxy.
  • Does not affect the properties of epoxy.
  • Powerful and very effective.
  • Leaves no residue.

Disadvatages Bubble Burst

  • Bubble BurstMay affect pigment color (especially Alcohol Ink).
  • Only removes air bubbles from the surface (just like a gas burner).

How does RESION Bubble Burst work?

RESION Bubble Burst comes in a small bottle containing 98% isopropyl alcohol (IPA). The bottle is equipped with a spray nozzle, so you can use Bubble Burst very easily. You only need to spray over the epoxy resin once or twice and you will see the surface bubbles disappear immediately! Now let the epoxy rest for a few minutes. If there are still air bubbles in the epoxy after spraying, you can reapply the spray. The isopropyl alcohol spray leaves no residue (residue after evaporation), it does not affect the properties of the epoxy.

You should be aware, however, that Bubble Burst can potentially affect the color of the pigments you use. Especially (Piñata) alcohol ink is very sensitive to this. So always make sure you make a test.In addition, like a gas burner, Bubble Burst removes air bubbles from the surface.For thick or large castings, we therefore recommend using a low-viscosity epoxy and/or a vacuum chamber.

In the video below, we demonstrate how RESION Bubble Burst works!

Buy RESION Bubble Burst

RESION Bubble Burst is easy to order online at Polyestershoppen! We deliver the isopropyl alcohol spray quickly from stock so you can get started quickly! Do you have questions about venting epoxy casting resin? Feel free to contact our experts!

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